Tag: Cocktails and Dreams Tag from Canelo

I found this tag on Twitter, it was shared by Canelo, a publisher with books like Cocktails and Dreams, Love at the Italian Lake, and many, many more!! Visit there website: http://www.canelo.co/
I love the fact that there is a tag to go with this book, I hope there is one for each book of the series. All with different cocktails.
My review for the book went up yesterday, you can read it HERE

For anyone that has not done a tag before, the rules are simple:

  1. Copy and paste the questions into your blog, Facebook post or each question individually on twitter, and share your answers
  2. Tag 3 (or more) people to do the tag after you!

Martini: means business! If you could have any job what would it be?

Something that involved travel or books. Maybe both? A travel book writer or something? Or maybe even something to do with food.

Mojito: time to let your hair down! What’s your idea of a great night out?

I’m not much of a “going out” person.  But I think it would have to involved friends. family and just a good time. Food, lots of food would have to be involved.

Pina Colada: the famous drink or the famous karaoke song! What karaoke tune do you love to belt out?

None. I’m tone deaf… but put the radio on and I’m likely to sing along with it,

Bloody Mary: the notorious hangover-curing drink. What’s your go-to hangover cure?

It used to be a fried breakfast. When me and the man-child first become an item, we would always go to Wetherspoons on a Sunday morning for breakfast.

Manhattan: a true New York drink! Which city do you dream of visiting?

Everywhere. But definitely New York, Paris, Barcelona.. God , the list is endless.

Long Island Iced Tea: quite a mix of ingredients! What are your three favourite foods or drinks?

Cake (any), Bacon and Tea.

Cosmopolitan:  made famous by Sex and the City! Tag three friends to take part in this Cocktails and Dream tag!

Nemesis Book Blog

Bionic Book Worm

The Orangutan Librarian

And anyone else who wants to give it a go!!

Book Review: Cocktails and Dreams by A.L. Michael

Cocktails and Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams by A. L. Michael

Published: July 2017
Publisher: Canelo
Format: E-book
Pages: 209


I was seven years old when I realized my mother was not a great person… 

Since Savvy was abandoned by her rockstar mother, she has craved a normal life. But after years of financing her boyfriend’s lacklustre career, he leaves her when he hits the big-time.

Savvy’s friends at the burlesque club where she serves elaborate cocktails encourage her to make bold changes in her life. She soon meets handsome bartender Milo, and begins to plan a future she can be excited about.

But when Savvy’s estranged mother crashes back into her life, her newfound happiness is under threat… will Savvy have the courage to pursue her dreams?

My Review

Thank you to Canelo and Netgalley for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I love the colour of this cover, it’s bright, eye catching, vibrant. Attention grabbing comes to mind. It’s great, and it lives up to the inside as well.

Although a short story, this book is full of great details, great love, great friends, and great moments. Savvy, Jen, Milo and all the other characters are instantly likeable. Even Savvy’s Mum is a sort of likeable character, even if she is a bit of a bitch.

The change we see in Savvy is extraordinary. She becomes an strong, feisty woman instead of being timid and mousy. I love the fact that we got to go on that journey with her. I loved the Martin Club, and the staff and how they encouraged her to grow and expand. To follow her dreams. She was developed perfectly and is definitely one of my favourite characters this year.

Everything about this book is delicious, the food and drink made me want to experience it, to taste it. I will admit it did make me hungry.  And I’m not a huge drinker but this definitely made me want to try some of the delicious sounding cocktails.

This book was easy to read, it was such a delight to read. It was a little predictable but as I’ve said in previous posts, I love the predictability of books sometimes. It makes books more enjoyable. depending on the story obviously. It works extremely well in this book but I still didn’t think Milo would come back. Kept me guessing whether he was going to or not.

I’m glad that this book is the beginning of a series, I’m not finished with Savvy and Milo yet. I want to know if they reach their dreams, if they succeed or fail. I hope we see more of The Martini Club and more of the staff there as well.

I’m giving this book a delicious 4 out of 5. I think that it would have been perfect if we had more details about other characters, like Arabella who I am very intrigued about. A near perfect start to what I hope is a brilliant series.  Look out for the tag I found on Twitter based on this book!!

Blog Tour: Love At The Italian Lake by Darcie Boleyn

Love at the Italian Lake

Love at the Italian Lake by Darcie Boleyn
Published: 31st July 2017
Publisher: Canelo
Format: Ebook
Pages: 246
ISBN13: 9781911591337


Amazon UK


On the shores of Lake Garda, a beautiful romance unfolds. But is it only for summer? Don’t miss this gorgeous, heart-warming novel from Darcie Boleyn, bestselling author of 2017 smash-hit Summer at Conwenna Cove.
Sophia Bertoni discovers her boyfriend in bed with another woman, and realizes her life is going nowhere. Leaving her high-pressure job, she travels to Italy to stay with her grandmother while she figures out her next move.

When Sophia – quite literally – bumps into devastatingly handsome Joe Lancaster her plans are turned upside down. As the two realize they’re both spending the summer in the same town, a love affair seems on the cards.

But Sophia and Joe are both burdened by family secrets. Despite their attraction, will the sun set on Sophia and Joe’s romance – or will they find love at the Italian lake?

My Review

Thank you to the publisher, Canelo, and Darcie Boleyn for the chance to read, review and to be involved in the massive blog tour!!

Love at the Italian Lake did not start off good for me. I found everything a little.. stiff, formal. I felt it lacked a little emotion, and a little warmth. Sophia was cold, I didn’t care for her, or relate with her.  Joe was just.. meh. He didn’t pop of the page or have any depth. I didn’t see myself enjoying it.  Then the romance got involved, things got better from there. Introduce Phoebe as well and things began to improve greatly. Sophia gained warmth, she began to improve immensely which I am very grateful for.  Joe suddenly became a man, he was a gentleman and a man that I love in books like this. Sophia’s family added a little of the warmth that I felt was missing. 

The writing style was easy to read, it was quick and simple to get along with.  I love books when they are like this normally but I just didn’t really get anything from the predictability and the easiness of the book.  I’ll probably come back to it and take something else away from it though, I’m partly blaming the book I read before this one so it isn’t this book’s fault at all.

The setting of Lake Garda made the book that bit better for me as well. I love books set in Italy and this is the first I’ve read set at the lake.  It’s made me want to visit and to see it all for myself. And probably fall in love with the place just like Sophia and Joe did.  Verona has also turned into a Must Visit for me after this book as well.

The family secrets involved, well secret for Sophia, were a bit shocking but I completely understand it.  It must have been hard for her family to go through that to begin with.  Joe didn’t really have a secret, he just failed to mention a few important details to Sophia, which I also understand why.  The secrets were written in well but I think that it would have been a good book without them.  They sort of felt like a means to bulk the book out a little.

I’m giving this book 3 out of 5. My reasoning for this is because I just didn’t like the book to begin with.  It took a while for me to get into it and then to enjoy it.  If the characters had the depth, warmth and feeling that they finished with to begin with I think I would have enjoyed it a great deal more.

Blog Tour: The Watch House by Bernie McGill

The Watch House

The Watch House by Bernie McGill

Published: 10th August 2017
Publisher: Tinder Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
ISBN13: 9781472239563


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Book Description

In the vein of Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites, THE WATCH HOUSE by Bernie McGill is the story of the modern world arriving on Rathlin, a remote Irish island, at the very end of the nineteenth century, with dramatic consequences for a young woman named Nuala.

As the twentieth century dawns on the island of Rathlin, a place ravaged by storms and haunted by past tragedies, Nuala Byrne is faced with a difficult decision. Abandoned by her family for the new world, she receives a proposal from the island’s aging tailor. For the price of a roof over her head, she accepts.

Meanwhile the island is alive with gossip about the strangers who have arrived from the mainland, armed with mysterious equipment which can reportedly steal a person’s words and transmit them through thin air. When Nuala is sent to cook for these men – engineers, who have been sent to Rathlin by Marconi to conduct experiments in the use of wireless telegraphy – she encounters an Italian named Gabriel, who offers her the chance to equip herself with new skills and knowledge. As her friendship with Gabriel opens up horizons beyond the rocky and treacherous cliffs of her island home, Nuala begins to realise that her deal with the tailor was a bargain she should never have struck.

My Review

Thank you to Tinder Press and the author for the chance to read and review this book, and to be taking part in the blog tour!! With very limited places available, I definitely feel privileged!! And so close to publication day as well!!!

This book.. Wow. What can I say about it?? I just don’t know where to begin.  It’s just heart-breakingly beautiful. It’s stunning. I’ll probably keep repeating that word.

Nuala is left alone, after her family moves to a new country and her grandparents pass away. She gets an offer of marriage, and thinking it’s the right thing she accepts.  She’s innocent, naive, and wants love.  I liked Nuala. She had a toughness about her, she knows what she wants.  Marconi’s men open up this whole new world for her, the possibilities and the chance of love.  With nothing to lose, we see her open up to Gabriel, deal with the pain of not having the life she wants, the hurt that is caused to her. Her ending, while not very happy, does have a happiness to it.  Her heartbreak and her pain is put across in a way that you feel everything she feels.

I will be honest, I’m really struggling with finding what I want to say about The Watch House.  It’s stuck with me for a few days and I still cannot think of the words to describe how beautiful this book is.  The love, the pain, the loss, the loneliness. You feel it alongside her and her family, her friends.  The writing is stunning, the island is stunning, everything is stunning. Its heart breaking yet bursting full of love.

I give this book 5/5 for the writing, and only the writing. I liked the characters obviously but I could just reread it for how it is written. It’s rare for me to come across like this, it’s a true gem.


Blog Blitz: Sunshine After The Rain by Daisy James

Sunshine After the Rain

Sunshine after the Rain
by Daisy James
Published: July 5th 2017
Publisher: HQ Digital
Format: Ebook
Pages: 384


Amazon UK


The new delightfully uplifting beach read from Daisy James. Perfect for fans of Mandy Baggot, Christie Barlow and Zara Stoneley.

A summer that changes everything…

Frazzled workaholic Evie Johnson has finally had enough! When she’s blamed for a publicity disaster at the art gallery she loves, she decides to flee the bright lights of London for the sun-drenched shores of Corfu and turn her life upside-down.

Under the shade of the olive trees, she picks up her dusty paintbrushes and begins to chase the dreams she had put aside for so long. But she never expected to bump into drop-dead-gorgeous Sam Bradbury – and certainly not whilst wrapped only in a towel!

A summer fling is the last thing Evie wanted but a few stolen kisses under the stars might just begin to change her mind…

My Review

Firstly, thank you to Daisy James and the publishers for the chance to read, review and for taking part in the blog tour.

First impressions of this book was that it was going to be rushed and with no feel to it.  I didn’t see where it was going, and I didn’t like anyone to begin with. It seemed a little too predictable, but then we got to Corfu and it made me doubt what I was thinking would happen. It happened but it did make me doubt it.

I will be honest, as I said above, I didn’t particular like any of the characters to begin with. The only one what seemed to jump out at me was Sam. I did end up liking Evie but it took a while for her to warm up. She seemed a bit.. I don’t know. Cold? I don’t know if that was how she was supposed to be but I didn’t like it. Sam started off promising, he didn’t lack the warmth I was expecting from Evie.

The writing style was quick, easy to read and what I love about books like this. If it’s an easy to read romance then it works really well. The setting of the book was ideal, I can’t say I’ve read many books set in Corfu. It was refreshing to read.

Overall, I did enjoy the book. I ended up liking the characters, the storyline, even the predictability about it. I’ve given this book a 3/5.

July Wrap Up!

This is my first wrap up post for a very long time. It’s been an exciting month for reading, for blog tours and tags.  I’m pleased to be getting back into blogging, even if it is feeling a little pressured at the moment.  A little pressure never hurt anyone though, and it’s making me treasure the time I have with family that little bit more now.  I do all my blog posts, and reviews when I have child free time so it’s normally a full day job.

Favourite July Book

My favourite book this month was probably The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. It had me gripped from the first page, it was brilliantly written and the way it was all laid out was fantastic. I gave it 5/5 on Goodreads.
The Butterfly Garden (The Collector #1)

Least Favourite July Book

There isn’t one this month. It’s been a good month for reading.  The lowest rated books for me though are It Was Only Ever You by Kate Kerrigan, Den of Shadows by Christopher Byford, Sunshine After The Rain by Daisy James.  I liked all the books, I gave all three 3 stars.
It Was Only Ever You   Den of Shadows (Gambler's Den #1)   Sunshine After the Rain

Books Purchased

The Understudy by David Nicholls
The Cherry Tree Cafe by Heidi Swan
The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
An Evil Mind by Chris Carter
Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

The Understudy The Cherry Tree Cafe The Perfect Husband (Quincy & Rainie, #1) An Evil Mind Midnight Crossroad (Midnight, Texas #1) Victoria

My book buying habits have decreased an awful lot over the last couple of months, I’ve gone from maybe 30 upwards books brought down to 6 so that’s something.  I still get ARCs in the post, and of course there is Netgalley.  I wouldn’t be able to list any of those though.

Full List Of Books Read In July

Sleep Tight by Caroline Mitchell
It Was Only Ever You by Kate Kerrigan
Den of Shadows by Christopher Byford
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch
Sunshine After The Rain by Daisy James (Weekend Blitz Coming Soon!)
The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison
The Watch House by Bernie McGill (Blog Tour Coming Soon!)

It’s been a quiet month for reading, it’s been all steady paced and no rushing through any of them. I like taking my time with books at the moment, it gives me a moment to take a deep breath and actually relax.

August Plan

August is my bust month in my personal life.  I’ve got the Man-Child’s birthday, my birthday, my Mum’s birthday. It’s very busy.  Also, this year is the first year we have the school holidays to contend with.
But! I have lots of events coming up in my blogging life!!  I’ve got a weekend blitz, 4 blog tours planned in so far, plus tags, and maybe other reviews dotted in between all of that.