#BlogTourGuestPost: The Last Day of Winter by Shari Low @Aria_Fiction @ShariLow

The Last Day of Winter by Shari Low

Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 3rd October 2019

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One December wedding. One runaway bride. One winter’s day to bring everyone together again.

Today is the day Caro and Cammy are due to walk up the aisle. But Caro’s too caught up in the trauma of her past to contemplate their happy ever after.

Stacey’s decision to return from L.A. is fuelled by one thing – telling Cammy how she feels, before it’s too late.

Wedding planner, Josie, needs to sort the whole mess out, but she’s just been dealt some devastating news. Can she get through the day without spilling her secret?

On a chilly winter’s day, they have twenty-four hours to prove that love can lead the way to a brighter future…

About Shari Low

Shari Low is the No1 best-selling author of over 20 novels, including With Or Without You, Another Day In Winter, One Day In December, A Life Without You, This Is Me and The Story Of Our Life. And because she likes to over-share toe-curling moments and hapless disasters, she is also the shameless mother behind a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. Once upon a time she met a guy, got engaged after a week, and twenty-something years later she lives near Glasgow with her husband, a labradoodle, and two teenagers who think she’s fairly embarrassing except when they need a lift. 

Follow Shari

Website: www.sharilow.com | Twitter: @ShariLow | Facebook: @sharilowbooks

Shari Low’s Guest Post

I’m endlessly intrigued by the notion that life can change in a heartbeat.

There we are, trundling along quite merrily and wham. All change. For better or for worse.

One of the pivotal moments in my life turned it upside down in an instant. There I was, working in a hotel in Glasgow, planning my next move to Sydney, when a bloke I hated on sight walked towards me. Thirty seconds later, he reached me and smiled. That was it. The moment. We got talking, we went out that night, and one week later he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Twenty five years on, we still wonder what would have happened if I’d taken the day off.

Another shocking (but wonderful) twist shook our lives up again a few years later. I’d sent the first 10 000 words of a novel off to many publishers. It was the first thing I’d ever written so I held out zero hope of success. At 4.30pm on a March afternoon, I got a phone call offering me a book deal. Twenty minutes later – after 6 years of infertility – I found out I was pregnant. I think the shock lasted until my son went to high school.

Of course, there have been heartbreaking moments too. The shock of being told someone I love has terminal cancer. The day I waved another loved one off on a trip and got a phone call just a few hours later to tell me she’d died.

These are the things that tear up your image of the future and re-draw it in a split second.   

That was the starting point for The Last Day In Winter.

It opens on the day Caro is supposed to marry Cammy, but she has changed her mind, too caught up in the trauma of the past to contemplate a happy ever after at the end of an aisle. 

Meanwhile at a nearby airport, two flights are landing that could shake up everything. Arriving from Spain is Seb, a troubled soul who has just discovered that Caro may be his daughter. 

And swanning in from LA, the gorgeous Stacey has one thing on her mind – telling Cammy that she made a mistake when she let him go. 

Wedding planner, Josie, needs to sort the whole mess out, but she’s just been dealt some devastating news. Can she get through the day without spilling her secret?

Four lives, 24 hours, and only one certainty – by the end of the day, all their destinies will have altered forever.

I hope that readers will love it and be as intrigued as me by all the unpredictable twists and turns. I never plot out anything in a story before I write it because… well, what’s the point? Like I say, no matter what you plan, life –real or fictional – can change in a heartbeat.

The Last Day of Winter will be published by Aria on October 3rd.

Blog Tour Q&A: Rivals by Sam Michaels @Aria_Fiction @SamMichaelsGG

Rivals by Sam Michaels

Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 3rd October 2019

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The streets of Battersea are about to get a new leader, one who will rule with an iron fist.

It’s the 1930s and Georgina Garrett has risen up from her tough beginnings to become the new boss of the Battersea gang. But not everyone is pleased with a female taking charge…

With rival gangs trying to steal her turf, untrustworthy men in her midst and her dad lost deep in the bottle, Georgina has a lot to tackle. With her friends and family in constant danger and those closest to her questioning her leadership Georgina must use her wits to show that she’s made for this job.

The Garrett name is one to be feared and Georgina will begin to change the face of Battersea forever…

Sam Michaels Q&A

Can you introduce yourself and your books for everyone please? 

Hello. I’m Sam Michaels, author of a five book series following the life of Georgina Garrett.

Trickster is the first in the series, a gritty historical crime saga set in London during the outbreak of WW1. The book starts on the day war is announced and Georgina is born into poverty. It tells of her early life, her struggles, friendships and the events that go on to shape the powerful woman she becomes.

The second book, Rivals, is about how Georgina comes to rule over the criminal world of Battersea and the battles she must endure to maintain her position.

I’ve nearly finished writing the third in the series which is set during the hardships of WW2.

Facebook: @SamMichaelsAuthor | Twitter: @SamMichaelsGG

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always enjoyed reading sagas, I like modern history and am fascinated with crime. So, it made sense to write a book in which I could explore my three loves.

Did you base any of the characters on anyone you know personally? 

No, not really, though I do wish I was a little more like Georgina but I’m sure my hubby is pleased that I’m not!

What can we find you doing when you’re not writing? 

I must admit I’ve become a bit of a couch potato and enjoy watching television. But just lately, I’ve joined my local netball team and have taken up going to Zumba classes a couple of times a week. I’ve also purchased an inflatable kayak and am looking forward to exploring the coast lines of the Costa Blanca in Spain where I live.

Are you currently working on anything new? 

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve almost finished writing book 3 in the Georgina Garrett series and then I shall get stuck into writing book 4.

Have you ever considered writing a different genre? Have you ever written a different genre, if so what what was it?

I once wrote a horror book, very twisted, sadistic and macabre but it was absolutely terrible and I never got it published! I can’t say that I enjoyed writing it – I scared myself!

 What books have you recently read and enjoyed? 

Well, Kitty Neale is my mum so I always read her books. Her latest novel, A Family’s Heartbreak has just been released and I can honestly say I loved it.

Have you done any other jobs than being an author? What was your favourite? 

I’ve been a jack of all trades, from a cosmetics consultant in a well-known high street chemist to an analytical research scientist. I think my favourite job was being a post-woman and delivering letters on my push bike. But I only did the job for a few months and didn’t have to suffer cold winter mornings.

How did you celebrate your first book being published?

After I’d finished crying tears of joy, my husband took me for a curry. 

What does your typical day look like when you’re writing? 

I have 4 dogs and 5 cats who always wake me up early. Once up, I tend to sit on the terrace for an hour or two with a cuppa until about 9am. Then it’s a quick shower before I go into my office, which is a spare bedroom, and tap away until lunch time. I’m very lucky, hubby is always bringing me more tea! Then after lunch, back to my spare room until about 5pm. It’s very quiet where I live so I don’t really get disturbed, apart from one of the cats jumping on my lap-top now and then, demanding a fuss.

Finally, my out of the box question. Would you rather explore a new planet, or the deepest parts of the ocean? Why? 

Oh, definitely a new planet! I’ve always had a fascination with outer space, our solar system and even the possibility of Earth having had ancient alien visitations. I’d love to travel in space and discover new worlds. As amazing as the deepest oceans would be, we have quite a good idea of what is down there but the universe is endless and full of possibilities.

#BookReview: Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward #NetGalley #DirtyLetters

Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: 5th November 2019



I’d never forgotten him—a man I’d yet to meet.

Griffin Quinn was my childhood pen pal, the British boy who couldn’t have been more different from me. Over the years, through hundreds of letters, we became best friends, sharing our deepest, darkest secrets and forming a connection I never thought could break.

Until one day it did.

Then, out of the blue, a new letter arrived. A scathing one—one with eight years of pent-up anger. I had no choice but to finally come clean as to why I stopped writing.

Griffin forgave me, and somehow we were able to rekindle our childhood connection. Only now we were adults, and that connection had grown to a spark. Our letters quickly went from fun to flirty to downright dirty, revealing our wildest fantasies. So it only made sense that we would take our relationship to the next level and see each other in person.

Only Griff didn’t want to meet. He asked that I trust him and said it was for the best. But I wanted more—more Griff, in the flesh—so I took a big chance and went looking for him. People have done crazier things for love.

But what I found could change everything.

My Review

I actually enjoyed the idea of this story. Two complete opposite people, falling in love through letters. A big rock star, and a recluse who’s got a list of fears. I liked the characters, the letters, the aftermath of the letters. I sort of wish we had more letters to go on than what we did, they were one of my favourite parts of the book.

Although written by two people, you’d never guess. The story flowed brilliantly. I instantly felt for the characters, especially Luca. I liked her alot, fears and insecurities included. I found her quite witty at times, her frankness and honesty were refreshing. Especially when it came to her letters to Griffin. Her chemistry with Griffin is instant, their connection is immediate even through the letters. I loved her relationship with Doc, and the interactions with Doris were sweet as well. I really felt Luca’s fears, and how isolating they could be.

I liked Griffin. I found him funny, romantic, caring and open. You can feel how he much cares, and wants, for Luca. The promises of protection and safety were real, and the lengths he would go to for her were real as well. I loved how easy it was for him to accept Doc into his life as well, making him a friend as well as a sort of therapist for himself.

Luca and Griffin’s story is definitely unique and I enjoyed every page. The book was easy to read, although heartbreaking and anxiety filled at stages.

What I loved about Luca and Griffin’s story is that Luca wasn’t an easy fix. She didn’t start of as this anxious, fear filled woman, and then by the end of the book she was magically cured. She was still the same woman at the end, although taking her baby steps to get to a better life. I loved that she was still working towards her goal of achieving the small things, and that Griffin was helping her along the way.

I’ll happily read anything else by this duo if the books are all the same high standard as Dirty Letters.

#BlogTourReview: Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm by Jaimie Admans @be_the_spark @HQDigitalUK #NetGalley #SnowflakesAtTheLittleChristmasTreeFarm

Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm by Jaimie Admans

Publisher: HQ Digital
Publication Date: 9th October 2019
Format: Ebook
Source: HQ Digital through NetGalley, thank you for my copy for review!

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All she wants for Christmas…

Leah Griffiths has woken up after a few too many glasses of Prosecco with a hangover – and discovers she’s accidentally bought a little Christmas tree farm in Scotland!

At first she’s horrified, but perhaps it’s the perfect way to forget all about her cheating ex.

And when she meets grumpy (but ridiculously gorgeous) pumpkin farmer Noel underneath the mistletoe, Leah begins to believe that at Christmas time, anything can happen…

My Review

Jaimie Admans has become a firm favourite the last couple of years. With her books you are always guaranteed humour, romance, fantastic character and excellent character chemistry. There’s jokes, banter, and always something I end up wishing for.

This book is definitely no different. Leah and Noel bounce off each other perfectly. The banter, the moments, the jokes.

I liked Leah. Buying a Christmas tree farm on a drunken whim is definitely something I could see myself doing so I connected with her instantly. I found myself laughing at her jokes, rooting for her to succeed with the farm, and falling for Noel right alongside her. And for Gizmo as well obviously!!!

Noel was a fabulous character, Although a little grumpy, to begin with, I really warmed to him. He made me smile at his jokes, his kindness and his eventual feelings for Leah. I felt sorry for him when we learn his history and why he was so against Leah to begin with.

As I mentioned, their chemistry was spot on. It was believable, real. I really wanted them to realise what was very obvious to the reader. We get there eventually though, and it was worth the wait!! Gizmo is a fantastic addition to the story, and he’s very loved by all characters.

I loved the idea of the Christmas tree farm, and the little village of Elffield. I wish the tree farm, village, even Noel’s pumpkin farm were real. I’d instantly be there!! You really got the sense of community, and all the gossip that comes with it!! I love the characters that we meet along the way. Chelsea, Fiona, Fergus, and Gleena all add a little something to the story. They all have some wise words.

Like previous books, Jaimie Admans had me hooked on the first page. Her writing style is captivating and makes me fall in love with every element of her books. This time she has made me want to live and run a Christmas tree farm. I’m not an outdoors person…..

Overall, another spectacular book. Wonderful characters with real chemistry, a beautiful setting, funny moments, witty banter and excellent side characters.

Added to the TBR in August & September

We’re all guilty of this, there is no denying it. We all say it. “I’m not buying anything this month, I’ve got to knock some off the list…” Yes, we all say that. Guilty as charged. I’ve tried so hard…. But sometimes nothing cheers you up quite like buying a new book… Kindle of Physical, there is no preference…

So, the dreaded list… Hopefully there is not as many as expected. I feel like I’ve read one and added two.

  1. The Institute by Stephen King
  2. Pet Sematary by Stephen King
  3. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo Collector’s Edition
  4. It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne
  5. Hunting Evil by Chris Carter
  6. Summer Magic (The Thorne Witches #1) by T.M. Cromer
  7. Roomies by Christina Lauren
  8. Last Orders at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn
  9. The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith
  10. Everything You Are by Kerry Anne King
  11. Degrees of Guilt by H.S Chandler
  12. The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan
  13. My Lemon Grove Summer by Jo Thomas
  14. Bonnie and Stan by Anna Stuart
  15. The Prenup by Lauren Layne
  16. Until I Fall by Claudia Y. Burgoa

UnStacking the Shelves

September, another poor start to the month. Took me forever just to pick just one bloody book……. That carried on throughout the whole month pretty much. The blog has been put to one side as well, apart from scheduled tours and the odd review here and there. September was not a good month for me.

Books I Read In September:

Goodreads Challenge: 90/100

  • Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
  • Butterface by Avery Flynn
  • The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson
  • Love Repaired by Deanna Birch
  • Still Me by Jojo MOyes
  • Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm by Jaimie Admans
  • Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh

October Plans

None. Except for the tour reviews I have planned in, I’ve got nothing planned. Not after how Septemeber has been for me. I do want to try and get a couple of spooky reads done but there is definitely no guarantee of that!!

Blog Tour Q&A: One Christmas Star by Mandy Baggot @mandybaggot @Aria_Fiction

One Christmas Star by Mandy Baggot

Publipsher: Aria
Publication Date: 12th September 2019
Format: Ebook

Goodreads | Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay


Emily Parker is set to have the worst Christmas ever!

Her flatmate’s moved out, she’s closed her heart to love and she’s been put in charge of the school original Christmas show – with zero musical ability.

Disgraced superstar, Ray Stone is in desperate need of a quick PR turnaround. Waking up from a drunken stupor to a class of ten-year-olds snapping pics and Emily looking at him was not what he had in mind.

Ray needs Emily’s help to delete the photos, and she needs his with the show. As they learn to work together they may just open their hearts to more than a second chance…

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#BlogTourGuestPost: The Quiet Ones by Theresa Talbot @Theresa_Talbot @Aria_Fiction

The Quiet Ones by Theresa Talbot

Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 12th September 2019

Goodreads | Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay


If only someone had listened…

When the supposed suicide of famous Scottish football coach Harry Nugent hits the headlines, the tabloids are filled with tributes to a charitable pillar of the community that gave so much back to sport and to those less fortunate.

But something isn’t right. Normally celebrities are queuing up to claim to have had a very special relationship with the deceased, but investigative journalist Oonagh O’Neil is getting the distinct impression that people are trying to distance themselves from Harry.

Oonagh’s investigation leads her to uncover a heartbreakingly haunting cover-up that chills her to the core… and places her in mortal danger from those willing to protect their sadistic and dark secrets at any cost…

Perfect for fans of Patricia Gibney, Angela Marsons and Cara Hunter

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#BlogTourGuestPost: The Five Shilling Children by Lindsey Hutchinson @LHutchAuthor @Aria_Fiction

The Five Shilling Children by Lindsey Hutchinson

Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 19th September 2019

Goodreads | Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | GooglePlay


Tears and tribulations, laughs and heartbreak, from the queen of Black Country sagas.

Adam and Polly Fitch face a bleak future after being sold for just five shillings to Miss Reed’s orphanage by their bullying father. Missing their mother Minnie, and their three brothers still at home, they know they must stick together to survive.

But the orphanage does have one advantage – a merry band of children who soon form their own kind of family – and they’re all determined to escape the clutches of the wicked Miss Reed.

Adam decides to survive he’ll need to fight, so he sneaks out to have boxing lessons with the famous pugilist Billy Marshall. Lessons he needs sooner than he expects when his beloved sister Polly is sold to the rich Bellamy family, and Adam decides to go to her rescue.

Can Adam, Polly and their band of friends survive life with only each other to rely on, and will they ever have the happily ever after they so long for…

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Blog Tour Q&A: Secrets of the Mist by Kate Ryder @ARIA_Fiction @KateRyder_Books

Secrets of the Mist by Kate Ryder

Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 19th September 2019

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Maddie is restless in London. She has friends, a job and a sort-of boyfriend, but something in her life is missing. Then she visits the ancient village of Walditch, deep in the Dorset countryside. Something stirs in her, and on a whim she buys a centuries-old cottage and moves there three months later. Her friends think she’s crazy, but for Maddie it feels like coming home.

Late at night in the cottage, Maddie hears strange noises and sees mist gathering indoors and out. When she starts investigating the cottage’s history, she becomes drawn into the tragic story of a family who lived here 400 years ago. Meanwhile, Maddie starts to fall in love with a local carpenter – but he has a relationship already…

Can Maddie solve the riddle of the past? What is her connection with the family that lived there so many years ago? And can she and her true love ever be together?

Previously published as The Forgotten Promise.

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