Blog Tour: Ours Is The Winter by Laurie Ellingham


Ours Is The Winter by Laurie Ellingham

Publisher: HQ Digital
Published: 17th November 2017
Format: Ebook
Pages: 384


Amazon UK


Journeying across the Arctic, their pasts are about to catch up with them.

Erica, Molly and Noah are embarking on the challenge of a lifetime, driving Siberian huskies across the frozen wilderness of the Arctic. Cut off from the world and their loved ones and thrown together under gruelling conditions, it isn’t long before the cracks start to show.

Erica has it all. A loving husband, a successful career and the most adorable baby daughter. But Erica has been living a double life, and as she nears her fortieth birthday her lies threaten to come crashing down.

Molly was on her way to stardom. But when her brother died, so did her dreams of becoming an Olympic champion. Consumed by rage and grief, she has shut out everyone around her, but now she’s about to learn that comfort can come from the most unexpected places.

Noah has a darkness inside him and is hounded by nightmares from his past. Tortured, trapped and struggling to save his fractured relationship, he knows this journey is not going to help, but try telling his girlfriend that.

As their lives and lies become ever more entwined, it becomes clear that in the frozen wilds there is nowhere to hide.

My Review

Firstly, thank you to the publisher, the author, and Jenny over at Neverland Blog Tours for my copy of the book, in exchange for my review, and for the chance to take part in the blog tour. How gorgeous is that cover?! It looks wintery, cold, makes me want to beg for warmth but all at the same time it’s stunning.

I struggled to get into this book but got there eventually. It wasn’t about anything I was expecting and I don’t know if I’m disappointed about that or not. To be honest, I don’t actually know what I was fully expecting so I have no right to be disappointed.  The setting for this book was perfect, I can honestly say I’ve not read a book like it and when you think about it, that’s a good thing.  So, no right to be disappointed. I loved the fact that it was in a setting I’ve never really encountered in a story before, and the thought of working with the dogs and everything was exhausting!! I shiver at the thought of doing it for real.

This story is full of pain, secrets, and hurt. Each of the characters have their own little secret, or issue they want to overcome.  My favourite character was probably Noah, I related to him more with some of his issues than Molly or Erica. The thought of what he hides from Rachel was close to home and I liked that I could connect with the pain, the need and the suffering of it.  I didn’t really like any of the other characters, especially Rachel. She was more selfish than anything else in my opinion.  Molly and Erica didn’t really come across as sisters at any point in the story. They felt more like strangers than anything else. I did like that we got to see them reach out to each other and gradually reconnect as sisters.  They had some touching moments in the book and it made them seem that little bit likeable eventually.

I loved that we got 3 sides to the story, with different chapters changing between Noah, Erica and Molly. I liked how we got the story of what happened to each of them in pieces and you never got the lot all in one go. It kept me reading which I really needed with this book.  The writing was easy to follow, and was fairly easy to read. You knew who you were reading about, who’s perspective it was, and what you were reading. You felt their pain, their misery, and the difficulties of moving on from their past. I sort of saw the twist coming, but it was still shocking when it did.  I really felt for all of them when the truth came out. It was still very unexpected the way Molly find the truth out and you do feel her pain, her betrayal as such. It was the moment for me that made her more real. 

Everything about this book will wish you were sat in front of a warm fire, wrapped in the biggest blanket or duvet you own with a nice cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever your preference. You’ll be grateful for the warmth of your home after reading about how cold it is on their journey!!!

I’ve given this book a 4 out of 5, based purely on how I connected with Noah, the setting of the book and the writing style.

 Author bio: When I’m not running around after my two children, my husband, our Cockerpoo Rodney, or just plain running, I love nothing more than disappearing into the fictional world of my characters preferably with a large coffee and a Twix (or two) to hand.
When I am in the thick of a character crisis, I can often be seen walking around the village with my jumper on inside out and back to front, chatting (and occasionally laughing) away to myself.
I have a first class honours degree in psychology and a background in Public Relations, both of which help in everything I do.


Cover Reveal: The Little Wedding Island by Jaimie Admans

Today I am bringing you another cover reveal.  This one is for The Little Wedding Island by Jaimie Admans.  It looks a lot of fun. and I’m very excited to read in for the blog tour next year! It looks (and sounds) fun, romantic and the sort of book I instantly fall in love with.


Bonnie Haskett loves love. She’s a hopeless romantic who’s always daydreaming of the day she’ll finally get married and live happily ever after. She hasn’t found Mr Right yet, but she’s sure he’s out there somewhere… For now, she consoles herself by writing about beautiful weddings for a bridal magazine, watching brides and grooms so hopelessly in love that it’s enough to melt even the harshest cynic’s heart.

Rohan Carter is love’s harshest cynic and nothing about a wedding will melt his heart, thank you very much. He writes a monthly column for a men’s magazine in which he advises men never to get married and gives advice on how to protect themselves from love.

These two rival journalists find themselves stuck together on Edelweiss Island, an island off the south coast of Britain that has become known as ‘the little wedding island’. There’s a rumour that no marriage performed in the church there has ever ended in divorce, and Bonnie and Rohan are both sent to investigate it.

However, they quickly find the locals are unwelcoming and untalkative, and no one is going to tell them anything about this ‘church of no divorces’ if they aren’t there to get married in it. There’s only one thing for it – team up and pretend to be engaged to each other to gain access to the church and find out what’s really going on there. They might not be friends, but their only chance to get the inside scoop on the mysterious island that everyone’s talking about is each other. It would be a win for both of them and all it would take is one little white lie. Just one…

A gorgeously uplifting romantic comedy!

The Little Wedding Island is published 2nd March 2018, and you can pre-order on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and Kobo as well as other ebook retailers.

Author Bio

Jaimie is a 32-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, watching horror movies, and drinking tea, although she’s seriously considering marrying her coffee machine. She loves autumn and winter, and singing songs from musicals despite the fact she’s got the voice of a dying hyena. She hates spiders, hot weather, and cheese & onion crisps. She spends far too much time on Twitter and owns too many pairs of boots. She will never have time to read all the books she wants to read. She is the author of chick-lit romantic comedies The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters and Kismetology, and she has also written young-adult romantic comedies Afterlife Academy, Not Pretty Enough, and North Pole Reform School.




So, I suppose after all that rambling from me here is the absolutely gorgeous cover.

Blog Tour: A Winter’s Wish Come True

A Winter’s Wish Come True

A Winter’s Wish Come True by Lynsey James

Publisher: HQ Digital
Published: 22nd November
Format: Ebook


Amazon UK


Being pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby is the last thing on Cleo Jones’s Christmas wish list. Scott might have been the man of her dreams once upon a time, but things change and now Cleo faces a future as a single mum… Or does she?

Scott won’t let Cleo go through this alone; whatever their differences he’s vowed to be there, from antenatal classes to night feeds and nappy changing. The two agree to bring up their baby as friends – but as Cleo’s bump grows, so do their feelings for each other.

Cleo can’t be sure if it’s her heart of her hormones urging her to give Scott a second chance – but getting back together could be the best Christmas present of all!

My Review

Firstly, thank you to HQ Digital and the author for my copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  Also, thank you to Jenny over at Neverland Blog Tours and Lynsey James for the opportunity in taking part on the blog tour!!

I definitely recommend reading the first book before this one.  There is not enough backstory in this one to understand what Cleo went through in the first book. Dare I say it, this is the better book out of the two.  I don’t know if it’s because I related more with Cleo in this one, but this book felt more confident, it knew where it was going and it didn’t falter.

Cleo finds herself single at the beginning of this book, but is fine.  Honestly.  She’s still ticking of her bucket list from book one and has achieved a great deal since we last saw her. She’s still the confident woman we leave in book one, just without Scott by her side.  So we think.  With Scott’s re-entrance in to the book, things pick up.

The writing style in this book is quick paced, witty and full of flirty undertones.  I’m glad to see Cleo and Scott together – sort of – in the book.  I felt like I clicked with them both more in this book, knowing how it feels to go through a majority of the things they find themselves going through. I found I like them a whole great more after reading this story.

I found myself rooting for Cleo and Scott’s relationship, and for everything to work out perfectly for them.  I’m so glad we got the ending we did, I don’t think anything else would have worked.  It was one of the best Happy Ever After’s I’ve read for a while.

Some of the details did feel a little off, but as they say not every pregnancy is the same.  It felt like it was rushing it but delaying it all at the same time.  Some of it worked though, especially to confront Cleo’s previous health problems.  You could feel her worry and her thoughts were very clear to you.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.  A perfect ending (or is it?!) for Cleo, an ending that she very much deserves.


Blog Tour Blitz: A Rock’n’Roll Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson

36180515A Rock’n’Roll Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson

Published: September 26th 2017
Format: Ebook
Pages: 315

Amazon UK



Christmas, Snow, Family & Friendship.

Who is Sukie McClaren?

Cat lover? Sound of Music Fanatic? Fiercely Independent?

She is all of the above. And when she is sent to Salzburg for a business trip three weeks before Christmas, she thinks all her dreams have come true. As she packs her suitcase, the only things on her mind are Christmas markets, lots of snow and finally seeing the Doh-Ray-Me steps. Becoming the new best friend of the world’s hottest rock star doesn’t even get a look in.

Pete Wallace is a reclusive, reluctant, rock-star and the world’s Number One, best-selling, male solo artist. It’s been three years since his last tour and he’s now preparing to go back on the road again. A week in Salzburg, schmoozing with the music press, is one of his worst nightmares.

He can’t wait for it to be over.

When Pete and Sukie meet, it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Eduardo di Santo however, whose kid sister suffered life-changing injuries at a Pete Wallace concert, is all set on getting revenge. When Pete’s new tour is announced, he begins to make his plans.

Will Pete and Sukie’s new friendship die before it has a chance to flourish?

My Review

Thank you to Rachel over at Rachel’s Random Resources (her site is HERE) and Kiltie Jackson for my copy of this book in exchange for my review.  Also, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this Blog Blitz. I love the cover for this book. it’s fun, Christmassy and a little rock and roll.

First impressions were that the book was going to painfully slow but as soon as Sukie and Pete met, it sped up and was instantly likeable, relatable and funny.  I don’t think the sections with Eduardo were enough, I didn’t feel a connection with him and I didn’t find myself wanting to know what was happening with him like I did Sukie and Pete. While I understood his anger, I think it was very misplaced. It didn’t feel like it belonged in this book. The chemistry that Sukie and Pete had was perfect, and I love the fact that Sukie would use the sort of lines I do. With her sarcasm and jibes I felt an immediate connection with her.

Other characters in the book that had side stories along the way were all well developed characters.Beth (Sukie’s Mum) developed wonderfully after we were introduced to her. Her storyline mixed in with Jordie’s worked well for me, I didn’t think it took anything away from Sukie or Pete’s story. The only character I didn’t really like, as apart fro Eduardo, was Elsa. I thought she was selfish, a poor friend, and just a bit… I don’t know. I just didn’t like her. Her reaction to Sukie introducing her to Pete was too extreme and a little ridiculous.

The writing style of this book was excellent. You knew everything you needed to know, with a few extra little details along the way. The descriptions of the locations was enough to make me want to visit them myself. Especially Salzburg, and not because of Sound of Music.

I enjoyed the fact that neither of them went into the friendship looking for love.  They got to know each other, became friends, had fun on a platonic level before even considering love.  Love was the unexpected surprise for them both and it was a nice, refreshing change for a book.  As for final few pages, it was perfect. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.

Blog Tour: Christmas at The Candied Apple Cafe by Katherine Garbera

Christmas at the Candied Apple Café by [Garbera, Katherine] Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe by Katherine Garbera

Published: November 10th 2017
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Format: Ebook
Pages: 273

Amazon UK



There’s nothing so magical as Christmas in New York…

Santa is coming to New York!

Snow is falling, excitement is high and the delicious scent of chocolate drifts along Fifth Avenue – the Candied Apple Café is ready for Christmas! And no one is busier than publicist Iona Summerlin. With so much to do, she doesn’t have time to think about men, dating, or the fact her last boyfriend ditched her for her brother… Relationships are off the menu!

Hotel boss Mads Eriksson is not looking forward to the first Christmas since losing his wife. His six-year-old daughter Sofia has lost her belief in Christmas magic along with her mother, and he has no idea what to do. But an unusually festive business meeting at the Candied Apple – and meeting the beautiful Iona – starts to defrost Mads’ frozen heart, and suddenly life seems full of light and sparkle again.

If only they dare to believe, maybe all their Christmas dreams will come true!

My Review

Firstly, thank you to the author and Rachel over at Rachels Random Rescources for my copy of the book and for the chance to take part in the blog tour.

This cover just screams Christmas!! I love it, and there is nothing like New York at Christmas.. apparently.

This book is a light-hearted, feel good romance.  It reads easily, and is written in a quick, easy pace.  I did find it a tad descriptive at stages though when it came to the sex.  For me, anything over 3 pages to describe sex in a  book like this felt too much.  It didn’t need it.  I understood that some of it was explaining how Mads felt about progressing in his life at that moment but the other bits didn’t really fit.  Other than that, this book read perfectly.  Oh, and thanks to Rachel and the author for clearing up some confusion I had as well!!

The characters in this book were honest, caring, lovable and just fantastic.  Especially Sofia.  I fell in love with her and would happily scoop her up for cuddles.  Iona was possibly the most focused character I have come across recently.  She wants her friends and her business to succeed, but to give up a man so her brother (!!) can fall in love with him instead is someone who always puts someone else but herself.  She was a lovely character and I would honestly say I ‘d love to be her friend.

This is the 2nd book I have read where chocolate plays a huge role in the story, and I’m surprised that I’ve not gained another persons weight while munching on chocolate to dampen down the cravings.  The chocolates descried in this book are unbelievable – I loved the idea of Naught and Nice Truffles!! I’m glad there are recipes at the end, maybe one day I’ll try to make them!!!

It was refreshing to have a single, widowed Dad instead of a Mum.  It must be difficult for anyone to got through what Mads and Sofia had to deal with, but to read it from a man’s perspective on it was a different thing for me.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5. The description thing was bit of an issue for me.

Blog Tour: The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts

The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts

Published: 2nd November 2017
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Format: Ebook

ISBN13: 9780008236298


Amazon UK



My Review

Thank you to Netgalley, and the publisher for my copy in exchange for my honest review.  Also, thank you to Emilie from HarperCollins for the chance to be on the blog tour!!

I will be honest, I found this book a little slow going. I didn’t see an end point and I didn’t really get where the whole thing was going.  Having said that, I did enjoy the story.  I liked that Emma was finding happiness after an awful few years.  I loved her little chocolate shop, and desperately want to find somewhere that will supply me with all the delicious sounding chocolates available out there!!!!

Emma was a likeable lady, she was witty when she wanted to be, she was loving and caring towards her friends and always put herself last when it came to others.  Max I didn’t really feel anything for.  He didn’t really come across as a gentleman, or even slightly likeable.  Doing that right at the beginning of the book and then not coming back? Talk about leave a girl hanging!!! I didn’t particularly like any of the other characters to be honest.  I didn’t get Holly. One minute she was 16 and then the next you’d think she was actually older – drinking in a pub, having a relationship with a 20 year old. I know no 16 year old is perfect, but this didn’t fit in the book.

The beginning of this showed huge amounts of potential.  The mysterious man moment that Emma has, no names exchanged and that all added a sense of suspense and mystery but then, unfortunately it sort of just didn’t go anywhere with it.  I enjoyed the fact that it takes Emma months to meet the mystery man (Max) but I didn’t feel the excitement that I felt at the beginning of the book.  They had chemistry at the beginning of the book, but again I felt it didn’t stick around, everything felt stiff and formal after their formal introduction… Maybe I was expecting too much? A whole New Years Eve firework display or something equivalent to that? I just didn’t feel it sadly.

This review isn’t really saying what I need it to say is it? While I did enjoy the story, the feeling that Emma was finally finding happiness and peace, I just don’t feel like it was done in a way that I would normally enjoy.  Everything was rushed and just sort of plodded alone. The description, for me, for the book doesn’t really match up. I don’t know what I was expecting but I feel disappointed in myself for not getting it.

So, after being disappointed in myself for not enjoying it as much as a everyone else probably enjoyed it I’m giving it a 3/5.

Book Blitz: The Big little Festival by Kellie Hailes

The Big Little Festival by Kellie Hailes

Publisher: HQ Digital
Published: July 19th 2017
Format: EBook
Pages: 218
ASIN: B0714815RL
ISBN13: 9780008259174


Amazon UK


Join the whole village at The Big Little Festival for the perfect summer day out!

With only weeks until the little Devon village of Rabbit’s Leap holds its first ever festival, Jody McArthur is desperate. She – more than anyone – wants to raise the funds to rebuild the local swimming pool and when she fell pregnant with her twin boys, it was the village who was there to support her. So, to stop disaster in its tracks, she brings in big-shot London events manager Christian Middlemore to make The Big Little Festival the huge success everyone deserves.

But Jody is totally unprepared for the impact reserved-but-gorgeous Christian has on Rabbit’s Leap – and her heart! Except Jody has avoided relationships for so long, and anyway, she’s sure romance between a country-born-and-bred single mum and a career-focused city boy would be impossible – wouldn’t it?

As tensions rise along with the home baked scones and miles and miles of bunting, Jody is about to find out!

The second book set in the picture-perfect Rabbit’s Leap, this little village is where love blooms!

My Review

Firstly, thank you to Netgalley, the author and Jenny at Neverland Blog Tours for my copy of this book in exchange for my review. Also, thank you for the chance to take part in the Weekend Blitz for it!

A excellent sequel to the first book. I loved finding out more about Jody, her boys, and can only hope the third is about Serena. She’s a character I’d love to know more about, and while there are little hints in this book about her you don’t get a full image of who she is and what she’s doing back in Rabbit’s Leap.

While this can be read as a stand-alone book, I did read the first one before this and I think it helped. You got a little backstory for some of the characters in that one that you didn’t really get in this one, it sort of skims over everyone.  The involvement of characters from the previous book make this one feel like your coming to have a catch up with some old friends.

While the romance in the first book was intense and full on, the romance between Jody and Christian was simmering, hopeful, strong and just plain old nice. It was a change that Christian took to her children, and wanted to care for them. Jody is a strong character, she knows what she wants and she knows that her boys come first. Until Christian comes along anyway. Christian is a bit of a hit and miss character for me. One one hand he’s the perfect gent, on the other hand he’s bit of a wimp. One page I loved him, the next I didn’t really like him.

The writing style was quick and easy to get into and didn’t leave anything out of the picture. I loved the way this book came across and devoured it within a few hours. As I said before, it felt like coming home to old friends for a chat, a cup of tea and a laugh. It’s a 4out of 5 from me.