#CoverReveal: My Blue by Emery Jacobs

Title: My Blue

Author: Emery Jacobs

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Amy Queau, Q Design

Photos: Paul Henry Serres & Wander Aguiar

Models: Guillaume & Dina

Release Date: July 18, 2019



For most of my life, Ella Blue had been by my side. My best friend. My
whole world. Then she vanished. Without a trace. I didn’t know how to move on
without her, but I knew in my heart I’d never let her go—I’d wait for her


For me, no time has passed. I have no clue what happened to the last
eight years of my life.

I have no memories of a life without Leo. He’s always been my one
constant. And now I’m stuck in the past, trying to figure out if we can find
our way back to each other.

How can I move forward when I don’t know what I’m leaving behind?

Ella and Leo must rediscover their love—a once-in-a-lifetime love…for the
second time.

Author Bio

Emery grew up in Southern Arkansas and has lived most of her adult life
in Northern Louisiana. She spends her days working as a Nurse Practitioner in
rural health and her nights reading, writing, and occasionally sleeping.

She loves real life romance…lots of angst and heartbreak, but always a
happy ending.

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#BlogTourSpotlight: The Teeth of Giants by Gordon Wallis @rararesources @zimbabaloooba

The Teeth Of Giants by Gordon Wallis

In the brutal war on Elephant poaching in Africa one man takes a stand against a ruthless international ivory smuggling syndicate. A stand that almost costs him everything.

Jason Green never for one minute expected the appalling violence and horror he would endure when he returned to Africa to pay his respects to an old friend. 

A profound sense of guilt and nostalgia prompts London based ex soldier Jason Green to return to Africa for the funeral of an old friend killed in suspicious circumstances in The Zambezi Valley. He is about to be sucked into the murky and brutal underworld of the illegal ivory trade. Grave injury and a burning desire for revenge thrust Green from the blistering heat of The Zambezi Valley to the tropical coast of Mozambique and beyond. Every tortured step of this journey is fraught with extreme danger and the ever present threat of death. 

The Teeth Of Giants is the second novel by Gordon Wallis featuring his main character Jason Green. Readers of thrillers set in Africa will devour the frenetic pace and sheer brutality of this gritty crime thriller. 

Pick up The Teeth Of Giants today and prepare for the ride of your life.

About Gordon Wallis

Gordon Wallis is a 50 year old author based in Zimbabwe , Southern Africa. Born of British parents he has lived there all his life. A keen reader of thriller novels , particularly those set in Africa , he has travelled extensively in Africa , Europe , The Middle East and Asia. He runs a number of businesses in Zimbabwe and is single.

Social Media Links

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#BookBlitz: A Woman Like Her by Hannalore Jones

A Woman Like Her by Hannalore Jones
Publication date: June 19th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

They thought they could control a woman like her.

Seri’s world shattered when they labelled her father a traitor. Three years later, the government that disavowed him makes her an offer she can’t refuse, sending her on a dangerous mission to seduce a man who’s planning a catastrophic attack. How far will she go to clear her father’s name—especially because she can’t seem to resist the Boy Scout who’s been assigned to protect her?

Sam has never lost his cool on an op—except that one time, and it nearly cost him his career. And he thought he knew everything there was to know about his new asset after reading Seri’s file. But he never expected to fall so hard for a woman like her. Now as they race across the world to save millions of lives, he’s willing to risk everything to keep her safe.


He had to run to catch up with her in the hallway. “Seri, hold up,” he shouted, as she rushed to the elevator and jammed the button. “We have to look like a couple, if anyone’s watching.”

“Fine, we’re a couple having an argument,” she said, pushing past him into the elevator and crossing her arms.

He laughed. “Seriously, we have to find a way to get along,” he said. “And to that end, I should apologize. Earlier, I acted—”

“Like an asshole?”

He smiled. “Exactly. And I’m sorry. It was unprofessional and inappropriate.”

“. . . and you’re worried that I’m gonna file a report with your supervisor?”

“No, I’m worried that I fucked up our working relationship.”

“I didn’t realize we had a working relationship.”

“Well, we do now. I hope we can at least be civil.”

“I’ll be civil on Saturday night,” she said as they arrived in the lobby.

He chased after her, waving to Pete before he cut her off to push open the door for her. She brushed past him and started down the block at a brisk pace. He trotted alongside her and finally managed to grab her hand.

She stopped to look at him. “Why are you doing this?”

“I told you,” he whispered, squeezing her hand too tightly when she tried to pull away. Her petulant attitude was risking his life as much as hers. “We have to look like a couple. For your safety, if nothing else.”

She nodded and stopped struggling against his hand. “Fine. But do we have to talk?”

“No,” he relented.

They walked along in silence for a couple of blocks. He could feel the tension buzzing off of her, like static electricity.

Just a few hours ago, she’d been ready to fuck him.

Now she despised him. It wasn’t exactly a feeling he was comfortable with.

And that in itself annoyed him. He was doing his job. There was no reason to feel guilty.

“You need to be able to trust me,” he finally said, to which she snorted. “Okay, I get it—I have no right to expect that,” he sighed. “But whatever you think of me, I’m good at my job. I really am a nice guy, you’ll see. I swear I’ll never let anything, you know, happen to you. You have my word, not that it means much to you.”

She looked at him closely as they stopped in front of her building. “Trust is not my strong suit. Don’t ever lie to me again, Boy Scout.”

“I won’t. Promise. And I quit after Cub Scouts.”

That worked. He could tell she was trying not to laugh when he leaned in, putting his lips against her ear. “Now let’s pretend we made up, shall we, sweetheart?”

He put his hand on her jawline, annoyed when it trembled slightly, beyond his control. He touched his lips to hers, gently, teasing. She sighed, almost like she was annoyed, but opened her mouth and leaned into the kiss. She even gripped his T-shirt. He smiled against her as his tongue met hers.

One hand slid down to her ass and she arched into him for a second, pressing her whole body against his . . . and bit down hard on his bottom lip. He winced, tightening his hand on her hair until she stifled a grimace of pain.

He let go and stepped back, smiling. She smiled back.

“You’re not forgiven,” she whispered, then turned and trotted up the steps, disappearing into the door without looking back. He braced his hand against the stoop railing, trying to catch his breath.

He was in trouble.

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#BookBlitz: Crush by Carrie Banks

Carrie Banks
(Sea Crest Series, #1)
Publication date: June 18th 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult


My world was black.
I was living bottle to bottle.
Only waking up for a new one.
I was burning through girls. Loving them and leaving them. I swore that I’d never love again. The pain of losing it was too much. I was shutting that shit down.
But then one summer night, I saw her standing there on the beach.
The last rays of the sun glinted off her hair.
Her shy smile captured me.
She stole the heart I thought was dead.
And there wasn’t a damn thing I could do, but let her take it and run.


Sea Crest is a popular tourist town, but to me it’s just home.
I’m an average girl who rarely strays from the middle of the road.
But then… we collided.
Me the local good girl and him… the damaged, mysterious new bad boy in town.
My friends told me to stay away.
My gut told me to run.
But my heart’s a traitor that burned for him.
This is more than a summer crush… this could be everything. But in this seaside town, image is the name of the game.
Either you are in or you’re out.
The local good girl catching the eye of the hottest bad-boy who ever graced the halls of Pine Point Academy won’t go over well.
Time to up my game and fight for what I want.
But by summer’s end, will I be the one left crushed?

Goodreads / Amazon

Author Bio:

Carrie Banks writes new adult and teen fiction coming of age and romance books.
She loves chocolate, coffee and dogs!
In addition to writing, Carrie enjoys riding her favorite horse, Sienna, camping in Cape Cod and hanging out with her six nephews!

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Newsletter

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#BookBlitz: Skin Hunter by Tania Hutley

Skin Hunter by Tania Hutley

Publication date: June 18th 2019
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult

She didn’t want to do it… But she was desperate.

Trying to escape the dangerous streets of Old Triton, the buried city, Milla takes the ultimate risk

Could a dead girl’s identity be her way out? A ticket to a richer, brighter world high above the muck and gloom of her old life?

Now she’s part of a high tech contest, with a prize beyond money, fame and everything she has ever known. A chance to become something… new.

But if anyone finds out who Milla really is, she’s dead.

The other competitors come from privilege, their faces and bodies tweaked to perfection. Rich and handsome Cale could be the most dangerous of all. Why is he so interested in a scarred, ugly “sinker” like Milla?

To survive, she needs to be brave.

To win, she needs to evolve.

Just try and stop her.

Skin Hunter is an upper YA science fiction novel – a futuristic, dystopian thrill-ride with a spark of romance.

Author Bio

Tania Hutley is a USA Today bestselling author who loves sci-fi movies and wishes she lived in the Whedon-verse.

Tania also writes sexy contemporary romance using a top-secret pen name. She could tell you what that pen name is, but then she’d have to turn you into a chicken.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook

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#BookBlitz: Feed 4: The Corporation by Nicole Grotepas

Feed 4: The Corporation by Nicole Grotepas

Publication date: June 20th 2019
Genres: Adult, Dystopian

Sometimes a hero has to lose everything to discover what matters most.
Still trapped in the dangerous heart of the Kirkwood Broadcasting empire, Ramone works to meet his captor’s demands: create a device to block the feeds.

But . . . aren’t they in control of the feeds? And how will they use such a tool?

Though it’s against everything he believes in, Ramone is prepared to give Kirkwood the tool they want in exchange for what he wants—a guarantee that his family will be safe.

But the way forward isn’t easy.
Allegiances will be questioned. Traitors will continue to rise and fall. Maybe there’s a way out without compromising the ideals he sacrificed once, years ago. He only has to trust the turncoat who offers him an alternative.

But as the corporation prepares to covertly unleash its massive army of surveillance cameras upon the rest of the world, Ramone can see that there really is only one option: do not give them what they want.

He only has everything to lose if he screws up.
For fans of surveillance dystopian works such as 1984, We, and revolutionary TV series like The Prisoner and Black Mirror. Can you survive the feeds?

The previous books in the series are only 99¢ for a limited time!



Tasha pulled away, a grin spreading across her face. “You kiss like a devil.”

Isaac stayed in his role. “The only way I know how.”

“Well, your mama didn’t teach you to kiss like that.”

“No, obviously,” Isaac said, lapsing into his casual, real nature. Tasha walked to where she’d been standing in the gazebo, and gazed out at the valley.

“It’s beautiful up here,” she said with a sigh. “I could get used to this.”

“It wouldn’t be hard, though. Would it?” Isaac asked, raising an eyebrow. Having amazing things—the shit you wanted, beauty, wealth, posh possessions—of course that was easy. Being stuck in the gutter for the duration of what some might call ‘a life,’ now that was hard.

She looked at him, half her face in shadows, the other half looking at him intently beneath the soft light of the strand bulbs. “You’re right. I can see why you’re here.”

“Especially considering,” he said, still leaning on one arm balanced against the top of the banister.

“Considering what?”

He shrugged.

She looked thoughtful before asking, “Where would you be if you could be anywhere, no boundaries, no exclusions, money is not an issue?”

“Paris. Or the west coast like San Francisco or Santa Monica.” He looked away from her and thought about what he’d said. That was the goal. Getting to the top of Sweet Life. Being showered with gifts, treated like a celebrity, offered advertising deals, recognized as a creative genius whose presence brought in viewers. He thought of his fans and wondered what they’d be saying right now about what he was doing. “Isaac! You’re selling out!” “Isaac, stay true to yourself!” “Isaac, no!” Of course, there’d be some who’d say, “You got this!”

“Paris is nice. There’s a vibrancy in the air and a sense of timelessness. The past and present colliding in this indescribable connection like all things are one. You know?”

He nodded, wondering if she sincerely believed that he had been to Paris. Or anywhere like that. Did she know him? Know of his limited background and what he was trying to achieve? Or was he nameless for her? A placeholder? An object to be exploited?

He was obviously that, something to exploit. Otherwise how could she . . . how would anyone be OK with that?

Dwelling on it was pointless. He knew what he had to do and he was doing it. And if she thought she’d pull him deeper into some kind of weird relationship, she was wrong.

Author Bio

Nicole writes stories about surveillance and how it affects human behavior, colonization, AI, robots, and a bunch of other impossible but cool scenarios. She studied folklore in college and believes that the best parts of any story touch on these living, changing elements of culture.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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#ReleaseWeekBlitz: Fighting For You by Layla Hagen

FIGHTING FOR YOU, the next book in Layla Hagen’s Connor Family series, is available now! Get your hands on Jace and Brooke’s story today!


Jace Connor has received many titles in his career, and enjoyed them all. Although, he’s working on changing the last one. There’s more to Jace than the media portrays—a man who loves his tight-knit family, being his nieces’ and nephews’ favorite uncle.

The reformed party-boy is now steering clear of anything that could blemish his reputation. But when the coach’s gorgeous daughter is hired on as the team’s new sponsorship manager, keeping on the straight and narrow becomes impossible. Her warm and bubbly personality coupled with her sexy-as-sin body makes her irresistible.

Brooke Derringer wants to prove to everyone that she wasn’t hired due to her personal connections. She’s determined to keep things strictly business and focus only on work. She learned the hard way that the office isn’t the place to make friends.

But a certain smoking hot–and bossy–soccer player is determined to change her mind. Surprising her with clandestine dinners and late-night gym sessions, Jace is inescapable.

For the first time in his life, Jace wants more. He wants the whole package…with the one woman he can’t have. But Jace doesn’t let that deter him. He’s determined to fight for her. And he will.

Get your hands on FIGHTING FOR YOU now:

Amazon | Apple Books | Kobo | Nook | Paperback | Audio

Add FIGHTING FOR YOU to Goodreads!


Want to win?

Layla Hagen has a great giveaway for running on her facebook page and her instagram – head on over to check it out!


About Layla Hagen

Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She fell in love with books when she was nine years old, and her love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.

She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

She is represented by fabulous Louise Fury (The Bent Agency)

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

#BlogTourGuestPost: Odin’s Game by Tim Hodkinson @Aria_Fiction @TimHodkinson

Odin’s Game by Tim Hodkinson

Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: 20th June 2019
ISBN13: 9781788549950
Series: The Whale Road Chronicles #1

Goodreads | Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play


Orkney, 931: A young woman flees her home to secure a life for her unborn child. Eighteen years later, a witch foretells that she must lose him once more.

The subject of a Viking prophecy, it is Einar’s destiny to leave Iceland and fight his father – of whom only only one will survive.

As the clouds of war gather, he will fight unimaginable foes, forge new friendships, and discover what it truly means to be a warrior.

Not everyone will survive, but who will conquer all?

About Tim Hodkinson

Tim Hodkinson grew up in Northern Ireland where the rugged coast and call of the Atlantic ocean led to a lifelong fascination with vikings and a degree in Medieval English and Old Norse Literature. Apart from Old Norse sagas, Tim’s more recent writing heroes include Ben Kane, Giles Kristian, Bernard Cornwell, George RR Martin and Lee Child. After several years New Hampshire, USA, Tim has returned to Northern Ireland, where he lives with his wife and children.

Twitter: @TimHodkinson

Tim Hodkinson’s Guest Post

Why I write about Vikings by Tim Hodkinson

I’m often asked why I write about the Vikings. Apart from fascination with the undeniable sense of adventure their world evokes, one reason is that I want to rescue them from their modern image. From dodgy Nineteenth Century Germanic nationalism to 1980s heavy metal music, a variety of elements have combined to create an image of “The Vikings” which tends to be unrelentingly grim and macho.

I have to admit I love 1980s heavy metal, but it was not until I was lucky enough to study Old Norse at University that I really came to a deep understanding of Norse culture. The first thing that struck me when translating medieval sagas was the immediate, even modern style of those prose narratives. Those ancient tales were also filled with black humor and a dry wit that seemed very familiar. Ever since I’ve been on a quest to rehabilitate the reputation of those ancient Norse characters. Yes, some of them were the killers we think of them as, but they were also a lot more. Egil Skallagrimsson, for example, was a violent maniac yet was also the greatest poet in medieval Iceland.

There are a lot of things about the Norse that might surprise modern readers. Some of the things we think we do “know” often turn out to not to be the case. Horned helmets are a prime example. Most articles written about the vikings start with the trope that they did not wear horned helmets. However, horned headdresses do indeed appear to have played some sort of role in ancient Norse culture, though probably had a religious rather than a military one. A fragment of a ninth century tapestry found in the Oseberg Viking ship burial shows a figure wearing horns on his or her head. Dies for casting helmet decorations show a similar figure, dancing and holding spears. The current theory is that these represent some sort of heathen priest, possibly associated with Odin.

Far from being the smelly barbarians we might think of, the Norse were actually very fastidious, certainly when compared to their English contemporaries. An English monk complained about Tenth Century English women “allowing themselves to be seduced” by Norsemen due to “their habit of combing their hair every day, of bathing every Saturday and regularly changing their clothes.” While most days of the week are named after Norse Gods, the day we call “Saturday” was called “Washday” in Old Norse.

To say Valhalla, the “Viking Heaven”, never existed would seem like a religious statement. However our modern word is a mistake, a Nineteenth century mistranslation of the Old Norse Valhöll. A direct translation to “Valour Hall” probably gives you the idea of what concept the Norse themselves had of it. However, according to Norse legend, only half of those killed in battle ended up there. The other half went to a place called Fólkvangr, which was ruled by the goddess Freya. One wonders what some of the macho vikings we think of today would have thought waking up after a glorious death to find themselves in field run by a female deity.

There is so much of interest in Norse culture beyond the modern stereotype and I hope I’ve managed to capture some of it in my novel, Odin’s Game, without losing any of the swashbuckling adventure.

Odin’s Game is published by Aria Fiction and is available in ebook format from Amazon and through all the usual channels.

#BookBlitz: Spank: Odyssey by Klara Raškaj

SPANK: Odyssey by Klara Raškaj

Publication date: June 18th 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

It’s easy to be a villain.

Or is it?

Domino Enviedhieri is a young magica user and aspiring entrepreneur stripped of his heritage, his dignity, and most importantly, his allowance. After being forced to battle a rampant demoness alongside his rival at the strip club where he works, Domino finally decides he’s had enough and wants to kill the bastard for stealing his well-deserved spotlight for the hundredth time.

With the help of his ethnically diverse crew, Domino embarks on an epic quest for ultimate power. Though the journey is riddled with dicks, demons, danger, and confusing sexual feelings for one’s best friend, Domino is determined to prove his greatness to the world and to himself.

But to beat the fiercest warrior in the enchanted Republic of Kitaria, there’s really only one power Domino needs to gain: his own sense of self-worth.


After shaking his head back into consciousness, Domino turned his face toward the person onto whom he’d been pushed by his most disliked traveling companion. He laid his eyes upon a pastel-yellow bishop-sleeve shirt with ornamental gold patterns around the edges and a muscular dark-skinned chest that peered from underneath. His face transformed into a look of otherworldly dread as the man’s lips smiled back at him.

Gah!” Domino shrieked, falling back onto the floor. “You!” he barked, pointing at the man with his finger and glare.

“I-it’s all right, friend! It’s only me!” said the man, standing up from his chair to help Domino.

His jaw was square and masculine, yet his smile was kind. His skin was a warm copper-brown color. He had a buzz cut, an athletic build, and a large sword sheathed away on his back that hung off him by several leather straps. The whole world recognized him and his raging success in the endless battle against evil fiends across the globe. He was a hero by profession. Admired by many, despised by the rest, but most of all, he was feared. He was Zephyr Hugo.

Domino slapped Zephyr’s hand away and stood up by himself. “What? You came here to rub your giant magical sword in my face?”

“Of course not.” Zephyr chuckled, averting his bashful gaze. “I—I mean…I could show it to you if—”

“Why did you come to bother me while I’m at work?” argued Domino. “No—why did you come to bother me—period?”

“Well, uh…” mumbled Zephyr. “I know how much you hate charity, so I realized the best way to help you would be to pay you in exchange for your noble services.”

Domino’s face turned blood red. His eyes opened wide from the sheer amount of shock and embarrassment coursing through his body.

Zephyr presented him with a heavy coin pouch, smiling and blushing like a prepubescent boy confessing his feelings to his crush.

Ooooooo!” the nearby spectators cheered.

Domino glanced at the drunkards with a fierce glare, wishing he had the balls to throw a beer stein at each and every one of them.

Zephyr continued to gaze at Domino with his hand stretched out, holding the coin pouch in front of him.

“Stop staring at me like that, you freak!” Domino shouted at him, his voice revealing a hint of anxiety among all the anger and discomfort. “I’m not gonna fucking sleep with you!”

“O-oh, no!” Zephyr replied, pulling back the pouch and placing his hand on his chest, unable to look Domino in the eye anymore, let alone keep his smile subdued. “You misunderstood me. I—I merely wanted to compensate you for your performance. Isn’t that how it works?”

A moment of silence filled the air around them, though it wasn’t much, considering how the rest of the club was still raving with noise from the music and the crowd’s cheers.

Domino took a bit of time to think about the proposal before answering. “Okay,” he grumbled, grabbing the pouch from Zephyr while keeping his glare pointed at him. “I’ll take the coins. But only ’cause I’m poor now.” He then tied the pouch around the side of his tight thong that slowly slipped down due to the excess weight. “Fucking shit…” he groaned as he tried to pull the thong closer to his hip bone, hoping it would stay on until he could store the pouch in a less inconvenient location.

Author Bio

Klara Raškaj is an author of hot and eldritch speculative romance. An epic journey, otherworldly creatures, fantastic lore, a tantalizing romance, a dash of bone-chilling horror, and a pinch of mystery is her not-so-secret recipe for a delectable literary treat. Her lifelong love of writing is second only second to her obsession with hazelnut milk and artisan soap.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram



#BookBlitz: Sweet Poisons by Natalie Bennett

Sweet Poisons
Natalie Bennett
(Pretty Lies, Ugly Truths Duets, #1)
Publication date: June 18th 2019
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Rhett Sullivan.
Mysterious boy painted in shades of red.

Nova Markov
Eccentric girl dripping in sunshine.

He was the type mother’s warned their little girls about—a cocky, rich asshole with a pretty smile, unapologetically insane and wild.

I was the type guys like him usually ignored—a free spirit who hid my crazy beneath an odd good girl facade, and the art hanging on my studio walls.

We were opposites in every way but one, and we collided like two runaway trains that never had a chance of stopping.

What blossomed between us, our ‘relationship’, was maniacal.

We got stuck in a cycle of madness.

Rhett Sullivan became a bittersweet poison I couldn’t get enough of.

In the end, that’s what destroyed me.

Because in the end?
Our love was nothing but a lie.

I said I was done slapping warning labels on my book babies this year, but since I have never written full on NA yet, I’m going to give a tiny one now. This will be the only label this duet will have. If you are not a fan of twisted stories that deal with dark themes, rich assholes, and lots of filthy sex, this will not appeal to you. This couple is not unicorns and rainbows and neither is their story.

Goodreads / Amazon

Author Bio:

Shameless author of twisted unconventional love stories.

Natalie has a penchant for (writing) villainous immoral men and tends to deviate away from traditional happily-ever-afters.

When she isn’t slaying words on multiple projects, she’s either sipping on a margarita or hanging out in the sunshine state with her husband, their three boys, and her pit-bull named Lulu.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Facebook Fan Group / Twitter / Instagram / Newsletter

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