Stacking The Shelves #1


Stacking The Shelves is hosted at Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course Ebooks!

Review Copies

I’ve been extremely good and stayed away from the “Request Now” button on NetGalley. I think I need to read as many as I can from my NetGalley shelf before requesting more!!!

I lied…. I’ve added 2 books:

  • The Long Walk Back by Rachel Dove
  • The Queen of Bloody Everything by Joanna Nadin

The Long Walk Back by [Dove, Rachel]  The Queen of Bloody Everything by [Nadin, Joanna]

I was also invited to review one by the publisher:

  • Friends and Other Liars by Kaela Coble

Amazon Freebies

I can safely say that I have not seen any Amazon Freebies this past week. Shame really, I’ve found some incredible books when I’ve gone hunting for freebies.

Again, I lied.. I really shouldn’t write these posts in advance….

  • The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1) by K.S. Marden

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter Book 1) by [Marsden, K.S.]


  • The Language of Spells by Sarah Painter
  • The Secrets of Ghosts by Sarah Painter
  • How To Stop Time by Matt Haig
  • The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman
  • The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman
  • The Tethered Mage Melissa Caruso
  • The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

The Language of Spells by [Painter, Sarah]  The Secrets Of Ghosts by [Painter, Sarah] How to Stop Time by [Haig, Matt] La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One (Book of Dust Series) by [Pullman, Philip] The Memory Book by [Coleman, Rowan] The Tethered Mage (Swords and Fire Book 1) by [Caruso, Melissa] The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Wayfarers 1 by [Chambers, Becky]



First Lines Fridays #1

Copy of Quoting Thursdays

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!

1 November
2.30 a.m

Thea Paris knew the drill.
If the mission failed, no one would retrieve her body. She’d be left to rot in the jungle, unidentified and forgotten. And that wouldn’t do. She couldn’t miss her father’s sixtieth birthday party.

The Book Is…

The Freedom Broker (Thea Paris #1) by K.J. Howe

The Freedom Broker (Thea Paris 1) by [Howe, K. J.]At eight years old, Thea Paris watched her brother being snatched from his bed.

Her inability to save him has haunted both their lives ever since.

Twenty years later, the unthinkable happens when her billionaire father is abducted.

But this time, she is prepared.

Now, Thea is at the top of her game as a freedom broker, negotiating for the release of kidnap victims around the world.

And she has only one objective:

Find him or die trying…

This book has been on my shelf for a while, and I plan to read it this month. At some point. This first line is great, it’s left me wanting more!!

Would you pick this book up based on the first line??

Publication Day Review: Everless by Sara Holland

Publication Day Review

Everless by [Holland, Sara]

Everless by Sara Holland

Publisher: Orchard Books, Hachette Children’s Group
Published: 4th January 2018
Format: Ebook
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781408353394


Amazon UK


In the land of Sempera, the rich control everything – even time. Ever since the age of alchemy and sorcery, hours, days and years have been extracted from blood and bound to iron coins. The rich live for centuries; the poor bleed themselves dry.

Jules and her father are behind on their rent and low on hours. To stop him from draining himself to clear their debts, Jules takes a job at Everless, the grand estate of the cruel Gerling family.

There, Jules encounters danger and temptation in the guise of the Gerling heir, Roan, who is soon to be married. But the web of secrets at Everless stretches beyond her desire, and the truths Jules must uncover will change her life for ever … and possibly the future of time itself.

‘Sara Holland is a fierce storyteller. An intoxicating blend of blood, secrets, and haunting mythology, Everless gives new and terrifying meaning to the phrase running out of time.’ Stephanie Garber, New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of Caraval.

My Review

Thanks to Netgalley and Orchard Books for my copy in exchange for my honest review.

The idea of this book is fantastic, and first impressions based on the cover is intrigue. It made me take notice, and want to know more and more.  Do you ever get that feeling about a book that says it’s going to be huge within the reading world? I get that from just the first few pages of this book. On the other hand though, I think this book will be one of those that people either really love, or dislike. I’m sat on the fence.

While the ideas and mythology, the backstory and characters were clearly thought out, I don’t actually know if I liked the story. There was so much potential, possibilities but it sort of just fizzled along. It took a while to get anywhere and then when it did, it finished. There was plenty of build up to something spectacular but as it got there, it just sort of failed. It didn’t hit the peak I was expecting it to.

The idea of using Time as a currency is something new for me.  I don’t think I’ve come across it before, and I liked the idea. It was different, it was sort of shocking to think that you actually have the length of your life in your hands. You can do anything to increase it, and decrease it while desperately trying to survive.

The world that Sara Holland builds is spectacular, and she has definitely left space for growth and more magical world-building.  I don’t think we barely scraped the surface with this book, and that we will be in for one hell of a ride with any future books. The places, and characters, that we are introduced to have all got the potential to break out in a huge sense and make this series a whole lot more awesome, and I love the fact that she has left the room for it.

The twist I can honestly say I didn’t see coming, that was a surprise but I wasn’t as shocked as I could have been.  I didn’t really believe what she thought was to be a lie, I didn’t think that a character who is supposed to so central to the story would end up.. well, in that position but it happened.  Thankfully, it wasn’t a character that I particularly liked.  I think that the character I liked the most was Liam which I wasn’t expecting. I suppose it’s because he was put across as the villain, the rotten apple.  But we see a side to him that we do no expect.  Jules was a good character, and she definitely has room to grow.

As you can see, there are things that I didn’t like, but there are more things that I did like. I think with a bit more oomph I will love this series. I’m relieved that there is room for so much more in this series, as I said at the beginning of this review.  I definitely see that this book is going to huge. It’s a spectacular addition to the genre.

I give this book a 4/5. If it didn’t just dawdle along, I think it would have been an incredible 5.  I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, I hope it’s going to be a roller-coaster of a read.

New Year’s Book Tag

Book Tag

It’s that time of the year where we all sit down and plan our reading year. Sort of anyway. I’ve been very prepared this year and thought about this back in early December – go me! Doesn’t mean it will all go to plan though!!!

How many books are you planning to read in 2018?

So, in 2017 I beat my target of 100 books by 54 books. This year I’m sticking with 100 books, just purely because I’m not going to be reading much in April.  I’ll have posts scheduled probably but reading will probably be a minimum.

Name 5 books you didn’t get to this year (2017), but want to make a priority in 2018?

  1. City of Circles by Jess Richards  Goodreads
  2. Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult Goodreads
  3. The Things We Learn When We’re Dead by Charlie Laidlaw Goodreads
  4. Roses of May by Dot Hutchison Goodreads
  5. Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh Goodreads

What genre do you want to read more of?

Hmm.. Probably Historical Fiction. I do enjoy them but I never feel like I want to actually start it. Yet, when I do, I normally really like it.

Name 3 non-book related goals for 2018.

  1.  Finish planning my wedding – I hate last minute bits.
  2. Be there for my boy’s first day at Primary School – I can’t believe that happens this year!!!
  3. Don’t nag as much as I do to the child and man-child – the boy doesn’t know that’s what I’m doing but the man-child has had enough of it!!!

What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?

Take your pick!! I’ve got enough to choose from!! If I had to pick one though… Probably

One word that you’re hoping 2018 will be:

Romantic. I get married in April so the rest of the year will probably be in a whirlwind of Newly-Married jobs for me – including the extremely long and ever-growing list of where I have to change my name. Not looking forward to that part…

I Tag:

Anyone and everyone.

Un-Stacking The Shelves

Just to note, this is my own thoughts, it isn’t a Meme or Tag or anything.  I though that I as I will be taking part in Stacking The Shelves this year, I will do a sort of Un-Stacking The Shelves alongside it. At least, I don’t think there is anything similar to this! I’ve not seen anything.

This won’t include any of the books I’m reading for reviews and blog tours. It does include books from my Netgalley shelf though.

Un-Stacking the Shelves(1)

With my plan to be more involved, more productive and to review more, every month I will be hopefully, listing about 5-10 books a month that I plan, hopefully, to read that month. It will probably be just 5 a month but if I list 10, then I can always move them to another month if needed. Which is likely going to happen!!

On that note, January!!

  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Goodreads
    The Night CircusThe circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.
    But behind the scenes, a fierce competition is underway – a duel between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood expressly for this purpose by their mercurial instructors. Unbeknownst to them, this is a game in which only one can be left standing, and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will. Despite themselves, however, Celia and Marco tumble headfirst into love – a deep, magical love that makes the lights flicker and the room grow warm whenever they so much as brush hands.
    True love or not, the game must play out, and the fates of everyone involved, from the cast of extraordinary circus per­formers to the patrons, hang in the balance, suspended as precariously as the daring acrobats overhead.
    Written in rich, seductive prose, this spell-casting novel is a feast for the senses and the heart
  • Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks Goodreads
    Two By TwoAt 32, Russell Green has it all: a stunning wife, a lovable six year-old daughter, a successful career as an advertising executive and an expansive home in Charlotte. He is living the dream, and his marriage to the bewitching Vivian is the center of that. But underneath the shiny surface of this perfect existence, fault lines are beginning to appear…and no one is more surprised than Russ when he finds every aspect of the life he took for granted turned upside down. In a matter of months, Russ finds himself without a job or wife, caring for his young daughter while struggling to adapt to a new and baffling reality. Throwing himself into the wilderness of single parenting, Russ embarks on a journey at once terrifying and rewarding—one that will test his abilities and his emotional resources beyond anything he ever imagined.
  • Ink and Bone (the Great Library #1) by Rachel Caine Goodreads
    Ink and Bone (The Great Library, #1)Knowledge is power. Power corrupts.
    In a world where the ancient Great Library of Alexandria was never destroyed, knowledge now rules the world: freely available, but strictly controlled. Owning private books is a crime.
    Jess Brightwell is the son of a black market book smuggler, sent to the Library to compete for a position as a scholar . . . but even as he forms friendships and finds his true gifts, he begins to unearth the dark secrets of the greatest, most revered institution in the world.
    Those who control the Great Library believe that knowledge is more valuable than any human life—and soon both heretics and books will burn. . . .
  • The Freedom Broker (Thea Paris #1) by K.J Howe Goodreads
    The Freedom Broker (Thea Paris #1)Kidnap negotiator Thea Paris has spent her entire life with survivor’s guilt, following an unspeakable childhood tragedy. At eight years old, she watched, frozen in fear, as her twelve-year-old brother, Nikos, was abducted from their home in Kanzi, Africa. Although he was recovered nine months later, he was never the same after that; worse, Thea discovers that she was supposed to have been the target.
    This defining experience drives Thea to become one of the top operatives in the field of kidnap-and-ransom consultancy. Nicknamed “Liberata” because she once secured the release of a captive from the Sicilian mob without her client paying a cent, she travels the globe trying to bring hostages home–mostly through negotiation, but occasionally through more forceful means. She is very good at her job.
    Twenty years after her brother’s abduction, Thea’s worst nightmare is revisited when her father, oil magnate Christos Paris, is taken on his sixtieth birthday. He disappears from his yacht while it is moored at Santorini, the ship’s whole crew slaughtered mercilessly.
    Thea immediately calls in her team at Quantum Security International, premier K&R specialists. Following protocol, they break down Christos’ life, looking for leads, but the list of enemies and business competitors is endless. Not surprisingly, Christos Paris has imprinted his designer shoe on innumerable backs during his journey to the top of the oil business. And he was abducted only a few days before the biggest deal of his career.
    From there, the case only gets stranger. Unlike most abductions, there are no ransom demands, no political appeals, no prisoner release requests. Instead, the kidnapper sends foreboding quotes in Latin by text from burner phones. What does the kidnapper want? And most importantly for Thea, will she be able to prevent a second kidnapping from destroying her family for good?
  • Defender (The Voices #1) by G.X Todd Goodreads
    Defender (The Voices #1)‘On the cusp of sleep, have we not all heard a voice call out our name?’
    Defender by G X Todd is an imaginative thriller that draws on influences from Stephen King, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman to create a new world – where the biggest threat mankind faces is from the voices inside your own head. If you loved The Stand, you’ll love Defender, the first in a four part series.
    In a world where long drinks are in short supply, a stranger listens to the voice in his head telling him to buy a lemonade from the girl sitting on a dusty road.
    The moment locks them together.
    Here and now it’s dangerous to listen to your inner voice. Those who do, keep it quiet.
    These voices have purpose.
    And when Pilgrim meets Lacey, there is a reason. He just doesn’t know it yet.
    Defender pulls you on a wild ride to a place where the voices in your head will save or slaughter you.
  • All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher Goodreads
    All That She Can SeeFeelings are part of life – feelings are life. If you take away what people feel, you take away anything meaningful. Wanting to diminish the evil in this world is a good cause, one I have fought for the majority of my life, but not like this . . .
    Cherry has a hidden talent. She can see things other people can’t and she decided a long time ago to use this skill to help others. As far as the rest of the town is concerned she’s simply the kind-hearted young woman who runs the local bakery, but in private she uses her gift to add something special to her cakes so that after just one mouthful the townspeople start to feel better about their lives. They don’t know why they’re drawn to Cherry’s bakery – they just know that they’re safe there and that’s how Cherry likes it. She can help them in secret and no one will ever need to know the truth behind her gift.
    And then Chase arrives in town and threatens to undo all the good Cherry has done. Because it turns out she’s not the only one who can see what she sees . . .
    A story of love, food and a little bit of magic, All That She Can See is an enchanting and beautiful novel that’s guaranteed to be the most magical story you’ll read all year.
  • The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh Goodreads
    The Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1)One Life to One Dawn.
    In a land ruled by a murderous boy-king, each dawn brings heartache to a new family. Khalid, the eighteen-year-old Caliph of Khorasan, is a monster. Each night he takes a new bride only to have a silk cord wrapped around her throat come morning. When sixteen-year-old Shahrzad’s dearest friend falls victim to Khalid, Shahrzad vows vengeance and volunteers to be his next bride. Shahrzad is determined not only to stay alive, but to end the caliph’s reign of terror once and for all.
    Night after night, Shahrzad beguiles Khalid, weaving stories that enchant, ensuring her survival, though she knows each dawn could be her last. But something she never expected begins to happen: Khalid is nothing like what she’d imagined him to be. This monster is a boy with a tormented heart. Incredibly, Shahrzad finds herself falling in love. How is this possible? It’s an unforgivable betrayal. Still, Shahrzad has come to understand all is not as it seems in this palace of marble and stone. She resolves to uncover whatever secrets lurk and, despite her love, be ready to take Khalid’s life as retribution for the many lives he’s stolen. Can their love survive this world of stories and secrets?
  • A Year and A Day by Isabelle Broom Goodreads
    A Year and a DayWelcome to a city where wishes are everywhere
    For Megan, a winter escape to Prague with her friend Ollie is a chance to find some inspiration for her upcoming photography exhibition. But she’s determined to keep their friendship from becoming anything more. Because if Megan lets Ollie find out about her past, she risks losing everything – and she won’t let that happen again . . .
    For Hope, the trip is a surprise treat from Charlie, her new partner. But she’s struggling to enjoy the beauty of the city when she knows how angry her daughter is back home. And that it’s all her fault . . .
    For Sophie, the city has always been a magical place. This time she can’t stop counting down the moments until her boyfriend Robin joins her. But in historic Prague you can never escape the past . . .
    Three different women.
    Three intertwining love stories.
    One unforgettable, timeless city.
  • One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus Goodreads
    One Of Us Is LyingOn Thursday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention.
    Bronwyn, the brain, is Yale-bound and never breaks a rule.
    Addy, the beauty, is the picture-perfect homecoming princess.
    Nate, the criminal, is already on probation for dealing.
    Cooper, the athlete, is the all-star baseball pitcher.
    And Simon, the outcast, is the creator of Bayview High’s notorious gossip app.
    Only, Simon never makes it out of that classroom. Before the end of detention, Simon’s dead. And according to investi­gators, his death wasn’t an accident. On Thursday, he died. But on Friday, he’d planned to post juicy reveals about all four of his high-profile classmates, which makes all four of them suspects in his murder. Or are they just the perfect patsies for a killer who’s still on the loose? Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you would go to protect them.
  • Love in an English Garden by Victoria Connelly Goodreads
    Love in an English GardenThe Jacobs family has lived at Orley Court for generations. But when Vanessa Jacobs’s husband dies and leaves the property to her, she finds costs spiralling out of control. In order to stay in their beloved home, she and her daughters will have to sell part of it off—a decision that drives a wedge between Vanessa and her live-in mother-in-law.
    The new owners of the north wing are Laurence Sturridge and his father, Marcus. Laurence wants to escape the constant pressure of his corporate job in London, while Marcus longs to heal from the grief of losing his wife. Could the beauty of Orley Court offer them a fresh outlook on life?
    As the two families embark on a challenging new chapter over the course of a glorious English summer, secrets are revealed and relationships tested. But as Orley Court begins to weave its magic over them, will it be love, above all, that brings the two families together?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #1

It's Monday! What Are You ReadingIt’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week.  It’s a great post to organise yourself. It’s an opportunity to visit and comment, and er… add to that ever growing TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog   and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date. And here we are!

This is the first time I’m doing this, and plan on doing it weekly.  Whether that happens is another thing or not!! This is all part of my more involved 2018 blogging plan!! And what better way to start on the 1st day of a brand new year. So, here goes my first ever weekly meme!

What I Read Last Week

With it being Christmas week, I thought I’d be really stuck with reading time. I was wrong. In the last week I have read:

What I’m Reading at Present


I’ve got about 10% left of Angela Matson’s Evil Games left. I’ve really enjoyed both books to this series and have got the the rest on my kindle already.

Up Next

I’ve got one booked in for a blog tour so that’s on my list for this week. I’ve also got a couple I want to read for Publication Day’s. I also hope to start making a dent in all the books I have on my Kindle and Bookshelves.  So finger’s crossed it’ll be:

  • If I fall by Ella Harper Goodreads
  • In Love and War by Liz Trenow (very excited to read this!! I love her books.) Goodreads
  • The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert Goodreads
    If I Fall In Love and War The Hazel Wood

My 2017 Favourites

Image result for bye 2017

So, the end of 2017 is drawing near and the question every blogger, reader, anyone with a book related hobby is asking themselves “What were my favourite books this year?” I’ve been thinking about this a lot since the beginning of the month and here’s what I’ve come up with: The majority of everything I have read this year has been good in some way or another. I really struggled to come up with a top 5, top 10 so I’ve gone with a top 15 in no particular order. 

 2018 is bringing some amazing books, and hopefully I’ll be busy with lots of Publication Day reviews in the next year, with the exception of April as I’m Getting Married!!!!!!

2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge

My target was 100 books for the year, at the time of writing this post I’m at 153 read. Honestly, I’m surprised to have beat it by that much, I’ve had weeks of reading 1 book, sometimes with nothing at all.  But then on the other hand, I have had weeks and months where I have read an extraordinary amount.

Favourite Author of 2017

I have picked 2 wonderful authors.  Both I have read at least 2 of their books this year, and I’ve loved all of them.  They are Maxine Morrey and Carrie Elks.  Both have written wonderful, fun, loving, romantic books.

Favourite Series of 2017

This is going to The Soulseer Chronicles by Sue Tingey and the DI Callanach books written by Helen Fields. Both are completely different to each other.  The Soulseer Chronicles about demons, a well respected love triangle, and the DI Callanach books full of crime, gruesome deaths and witty work banter.

Favourite Character of 2017

This is my most difficult question. I have many favourite characters this year, for many many different reasons.  Kaz Brekker from Crooked Kingdom, Adam from A Winter’s Tale, Lexi from The Best Little Christmas Shop, Cath and Jest from Heartless, the list is actually endless!!!

Favourite 15 books of 2017

In no particular order:

  1. The Little Cafe of Second Chances by J. D Barrett – One of the first books I read for the blog this year. This is definitely going to have to be read again in the future, the different take on a love story was one of the best I’ve read this year.The Little Café of Second Chances
  2. Heartless by Marissa Meyer – This was the first book I’ve read by Marissa Meyer and I think it was the perfect introduction to her writing. I loved this retelling of the Queen of Hearts, and how she become so determined to behead everyone.Heartless
  3. The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson – This book haunted me, it was just spectacular and I cannot wait to get started on the follow up. It was disturbing, written brilliantly, and still makes me shiver thinking about it.The Butterfly Garden (The Collector #1)
  4. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – Of course this immense book was going to make it on to my Top 15!! This book was amazing. I love, love, love it. Kaz Brekker would be go-to for getting me out of jail!!Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)
  5. The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister – This book was magical.  The life of The Amazing Arden kept me enthralled throughout the whole book. I would have loved for the book to be longer but it ended perfectly.The Magician's Lie
  6. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult – This book will probably be on nearly everyone’s best books list this year.  It was heart-breakingly beautiful. It was shocking and left me questioning everything.  It’s no wonder that Jodi Picoult’s books always make it onto my bookcase.Small Great Things
  7. A Rock’n’Roll Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson – This book was a fun, romantic read. The happy ending was what it needed, and I will always remember this book with a smile on my face.A Rock 'n' Roll Lovestyle
  8. The Christmas Holiday by Maxine Morrey – The first book I read by Maxine Morrey, and probably my favourite one. With stunning locations, great characters, a blooming romance. What else do I need to ask for?The Christmas Holiday
  9. A Winter’s Tale by Carrie Elks – The most handsome Adam is from this book, and he makes it perfect. The location adds to the perfection, the romance, the writing style, every is perfect.A Winter's Tale (The Shakespeare Sisters #2)
  10. The Rome Affair by Karen Swan – This book was beautiful. I love books set in Italy anyway, and this book just confirmed it for me.  I loved the backstory, the life of Elena was shocking but it was just a fabulous read.The Rome Affair
  11. The Room by the Lake by Emma Dibdin – When I wrote the review for this book, I said that it would probably make it on to my Top Book’s list and here it was. The most untrustworthy book I have read this year, the one that left me cold.The Room by the Lake
  12. The Woolly Hat Knitting Club by Poppy Dolan – The goodness of this book, the story, the characters, everything was just great about it.  The story was probably the most heart-warming I have read this year, and I wish there was actually a charity or something nearby to me that does this.The Woolly Hat Knitting Club
  13. The Missing Twin by Alex Day – This book has, by far, the most shocking twist in it. I still did not see it coming and I even wrote and email to Alex Day congratulating her for my shocked gasp. I loved it!!!!The Missing Twin
  14. The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley – This is definitely my favourite Seven Sister’s book. I loved that it had Beatrix Potter as a side character and the lake district with it’s spectacular landscapes. Star, so far, is my favourite sister. The Shadow Sister (The Seven Sisters #3)
  15. Snowflakes on Christmas Street by Ivy Pembroke – This book was nice, friendly read and it filled me with warmth.  The joy of making friends, the scariness of starting from scratch and finding new love is covered in this book beautifully.Snowflakes on Christmas Street



The last thing I want to say is Happy New Year, and I hope 2018 is everything you want!
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