Review Policy

Book Review Policy

Being a full-time working Mum, I don’t actually have a lot of time to read.  Yes, there may be days where I can get away with ploughing through a book and half but not very often.
I read all sorts of books as you can see. My favourite genres tend to be Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense and Romance though.
I try to read review copies before anything else but I do have huge breaks between review copies.  Sometimes it can be weeks, sometimes it can be months.  But, they always get reviewed.
I do try to reply to everyone who contacts me, but I will apologise now if I miss your email!

All reviews are my own thoughts, and I always try to do spoiler free – if I don’t do spoiler free then it will say ***SPOILERS*** within the page title.

My rating system:

5/5: This means I loved everything about this book.  It was written well, I loved all the characters, it will stay with me for a long time.
4/5: I enjoyed the book, I liked it a lot. I like the characters, I’m happy with everything about it.
3/5: There are things that weren’t all that good, there were things that were good as well.  Took me a while to get into but didn’t mind. Characters are a bit hit and miss.

I rarely rate books lower than 3/5, but if I do there’s usually something major that has put me off the book, or it was just awful enough to not have a rating.

If you wish to contact me then feel free below: