Review Policy

I am currently closed to all request!!

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Being a full-time working Mum, I don’t actually have a lot of time to read. Yes, there may be days where I can get away with ploughing through a book and half but not very often.
I read all sorts of books as you can see. My favourite genres tend to Romance, Chick-Lit., YA and Fantasy. I will give anything a go though.
I try to read review copies before anything else but I do have huge breaks between review copies. Sometimes it can be weeks, sometimes it can be months. But, they always get reviewed.
I’m happy to take either .mobi files (Kindle) or physical books, I love both.
I do try to reply to everyone who contacts me, but I will apologise now if I miss your email!

All reviews are my own thoughts, and I always try to do spoiler free – if I don’t do spoiler free then it will say ***SPOILERS*** within the post title.

My rating system

There will be a time when I am able to rate a book due to a variety of reasons. Whether there was an equal amount of things to love and things to dislike. I try to think of a 1 to 5 rating but, more and more often, the book will not get a rating. When I don’t give a book a rating it isn’t that I didn’t like/love it, it’s because it’s difficult for me to give it a number. This is happening more and more often with me but I do try to give it a rating. Below is how I try to rate anything I read.

5/5: This means I loved everything about this book. It was written well, I loved all the characters, it will stay with me for a long time. I will be recommending it for months, even years to come. Expect high volumes of obsessiveness.
4/5: I enjoyed the book, I liked it a lot. I like the characters, I’m happy with everything about it. Expect a little obsession, and the occasional recommending.
3/5: There are things that weren’t all that good, there were things that were good as well. Took me a while to get into but didn’t mind. Characters are a bit hit and miss. Some recommending, no obsessing though.

I rarely rate books lower than 3/5, but if I do there’s usually something major that has put me off the book, or it was just awful enough to not have a rating. It doesn’t happen often, but if it does it won’t be posted on the blog. Unless I feel the need to express something about it.