What a superb way to spend a child free day!! Hidden away from some creep of a “builder” who has randomly turned up to do some work to the house.  Our landlord warned us Weeks ago that it was being done but not until the January. So, today, on a child free day I thought I’d have a cheeky play on the PS3 (Other consoles available!!). But no! The Creep had to turn up today, bang on the front door so hard it rattled and sent me into hiding!! I’m not impressed!!!!! The man creeps me out like anything. He’s useless so I don’t even know why he’s been employed by our landlord again. And he never turns up on time!!!!!!

So, like I said. I’m hidden away in the bedroom with only my laptop to hand.  I’ve got headphones plugged in, with a bit of Jess Glynn playing.  Well, a random playlist anyway. And with this unscheduled laptop usage, I thought I’d come up with some sort of Resolutions list for next year.

1: Join Slimming World again, and be more determined to do it!! I’ve failed miserably this week so I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just have a break from it and start again with a fresh mind after Christmas. Bearing in mind I’ll probably have like a 2stone gain in that period so I come to the conclusion that I’ll loosely follow the plan and then be very strict in the New Year.
2: Read more ARC books from Netgalley. I joined at some point this year and did do a few books but then I got carried away with books and got lost as to which were Netgalley and which wasn’t. So, more ARC reviews comin up from January!! Probably only be  a month but it’s something.
3: Spend more quality time with the boy. Take him places by myself, and for him to meet more children.  He doesn’t have enough interaction with other children so this should be a good thing for him!! Might get him talking properly!!
4: NEW JOB!!! I need, no sorry Want, a new job.  I’m definitely fed up on late nights on a Friday.  Plus, I need more hours now.  especially since they’ve changed our pay and I’m loosing out on approximately £100 per month because of it.

So, that’s 4 things to go by for next year. What are everyone else’s resolutions? If you’ve got any!!

Bye for now!