Okay? Okay…

I made the mistake of watching The Fault in Our Stars yesterday…. Big mistake!! Every time I watch this film, or read the book, no matter how prepared I am for what happens, I 100% will be guaranteed to e found crying my eyes out!! Every damn time. My Other Half doesn’t understand why I cry at films or anything like that. He’s a man, emotions shouldn’t be regularly shown.  Especially to a film, or shock horror a book!!!! Annoying!!!

So, that got me thinking! There are deaths in books and films what people truly do not ever get over. What I’d like to know is, what’s yours? Like I said, every time with TFIOS I cry, be it book or film.  I cry at The Notebook as well, the thought of them falling in love forever and then so romantically go like they do as well. Again, that goes for book or film. There’s a couple in the Harry Potter books/films as well that I will never forget, but I wont go into details just in case somebody (Is there anybody?!?) hasn’t read the books/seen the film. P.S I Love You gets me laughing one minute and the next I’m weeping!!! They are the only ones I can even think off now. I had a whole list in my head this morning when I was thinking about it!! Again, I ask you! What are you’re unforgiveable fictional deaths?