New Books!

I was spoilt when it came to books this year!! I can say it made a change, I normally get boring socks and a few scarves (Not that I’m complaining about the scarf!!), and maybe a new pair of gloves!!

Firstly, I was given the illustrated Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone from Caleb, with help from Daddy which I’m impressed about!! I love it!! I doubt I’ll ever read it in fear of ruining it! It’s gorgeous and a whole lot more! It’s so stunning I cannot describe it.  I’ve already had to promise to take it with me when we visit my Mum on the 21st!

Then, we had some Love2Shop vouchers given to us from a friend and I was given permission to spend it however I wished after getting a new stereo.  Stupid him saying that really because I went straight to The Works and came away with 6 fantastic books!!!! They are:

  1. Room by Emma Donoghue. I’ve never seen this book in a shop before so I thought I’d take the opportunity before it’s released in the cinemas next year. I’ve also heard some excellent reviews and then some not so great reviews so who knows what way I’ll go!!
  2. The Italian Girl by Lucinda Riley.  After reading The Seven Sisters, I’m thrilled to have spotted this!! I’m hoping her writing style is the same, and with as much magic and wonderfulness in this as well.
  3. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.  Everyone has been raving about this book, as soon as I saw it I grabbed it. I’ve not seen it anywhere else, except for Waterstones, so it must have been fate!! I’m really looking forward to this one. Plus, it’s a GoodReads Choice Winner this year so it has to be good!
  4. A Taste of Love by Marita Conlon-McKenna.  I’ve never heard of the author so I’m a bit lost with that.  But, it’s got food as a centre story so I had to get.  I love books what involve food, and peoples love of food.
  5. The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh. I’ve seen this book around a few times, and was tempted a few times as well.  I’m hoping I enjoy it.  It’s based around WW2 and I tend to really enjoy books that are.  Fingers Crossed!!
  6. The Proposal by Tasmina Perry.  A dual storyline, based between 1958 and 2012. My sort of book! I love dual-storylines, whether it be centuries, millennia, or just a few decades! I’m not entirely sure if I’ve heard of the author but I grabbed it as soon as I saw the storyline.  Something new for me!!
Pictures of covers:
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So, overall I’m happy with my choices!! Even more so as I managed to get Red Queen cheaper than anywhere else!!
Granted, I could have received that long, overdue engagement ring but nope.  He realised I was upset about that when I kept saying all my old college friends are now either engaged or married after another got engaged Christmas Day.  I sound really ungrateful don’t I? I’m 1 of 3/4 of my old friends to have a child, and in a long-term relationship. The others who have children and in their long-term relationships are now officially all engaged or married.  Makes me feel sort of unwanted sometimes.  What made it even worse he announced to my FATHER that he didn’t actually have to buy me and engagement ring and that we will just get married… I faked a headache and not feeling very well to go to bed and weep by myself.. Yes, I actually did that.  The Other Half has realised I’ve been a little off since then but he’s not asked why.  I’ll give Dad some credit though, he did call Danny cheap because of it.  He doesn’t have to buy me a wedding ring as Dad has said that I’ll have my Nan’s, so he can at least buy me a sodding engagement ring!! I think if I don’t get one next year at any point then I’ll be having some serious words with him. We’ve been together 9 years on Thursday.  9 YEARS!!!!!! We live 270 miles away from where we met, and have a child.  I don’t think I’m going anywhere soon so he might as well ask!!!
Again, I sound very ungrateful for everything, and for him.  I’m not, trust me. I just needed a rant as I’ve got no one to say it all too.  Mum will say I’m being pathetic, my sister will say something along the lines of why do you want to get married?, and Dad actually understands I want to get married.  Danny doesn’t realise how hurt I feel sometimes when his brother says I don’t really have a say in family matters as i’m the only one without his surname.. That’s painful….
I’ll leave it here for now as no one wants to hear this… I’m boring myself and beginning to make myself think I’m being petty and pathetic… Bye!