Hi!! Welcome to my newest adventure!  I’m very new to the whole idea of writing a blog, and when I saw new I mean new.  I read only one or two other blogs, but only when I remember to look at my inbox (my junk box gets more action!!). I’m hoping that people will see the funnier side to the things I’ll probably write about, if not then I obviously talk a load of rubbish or complain a huge amount!!!

I guess I should do introductions first.

My name is Zoe. I’m 27 years old.  I’m in the North-West of England, Lancashire, but originally from the South-East, Essex.  I’m Mummy to Caleb (will often be referred to as The Boy or The Child).  He turned 2 recently, which reminds me that the last 2 years have happened a hell of a lot quicker than I’d like.  Daddy to Caleb is Danny (likely to be called Man-Child), he’s everything to me.  Soppy and lovey-dovey and whatnot but it’s true.  We’ve been together since New Years Eve/Day 2006/07. So that’ll be 9 years end of this year.  I’m still waiting for the big question, and the big ring. We’ll get there eventually but it’s a very, very, very touchy subject for me so it’s an unmentionable within the household. I do work, but only 3 days a week. I don’t enjoy my job so I wont’ even bother going into any boring details!!!

I’m a bookworm, reading as much as 3 books a week at times.  On top f that, I’m what my Other Half would call a Bookaholic.  I’ve got books upon books on my bookcase, which has now spread to the desk in the bedroom.  Plus, Hundreds on my Kindle (other e-readers available!)  I read anything what takes my liking and never read the same author twice.  I hardly read the same book twice, and when I rarely do it tends to be my all time favourites, or the books that I cannot actually remember ever reading. That happens more often than you’d think!!  I get the reading bug from my Mum.  Not many people read in my family. My sister and Grandparents on my Mum’s side do but not the rest of them.  I’m very grateful for my Mum for passing on the obsession!! I use Goodreads, with an extensive To-Read list on there, and my Read books as well.  I do keep it up-to-date with what I’m currently reading, and with book progress.  I’ll probably review the odd book here and there if I enjoyed it enough, or hated it even more!!

I’ve got into the whole Adult colouring craze this year as well, having gained a worthy collection of books there. And pencils.  Not so much pens but I do have a little pile of them. I’m addicted to the Johanna Basford books, and Mandalas as well.  I find that colouring is my relaxation method in the evenings before Danny gets home from work and Caleb has gone to bed.  Housework tends to wait until Danny has demolished whatever food is placed in front of him.  Or until the following morning.  Check out my Instagram page for some of my work if you want to!!

I’m currently on a Slimming World adventure, well more like a crawl, at the moment as well.  I won’t go on and on and on about it though as there are much more better blogs who do exactly that, and are more informed and more successful than me!! I’m more likely to complain about lack of motivation, and wanting to eat the jumbo-sized Dairy Milk bar than actually give out a recipe or tell everyone how many Syns in that Hot Dog then anything else. Now come to think of it, I wonder if there is a choccie bar in the cupboard?! I love my food.  I bake when I have a child-free day, which isn’t as often as what I would like. The joys of Motherhood!!  I bake for The Boys, and occasionally take something in to The Job as well.

I’m a TV addict.  I watch too much TV.  I’ll watch from Downton Abbey, to The Flash, to Reign, to White Collar, Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural and many, many more. We started Sons of Anarchy last night but only got 2 episodes in before I fell asleep.  I’m not allowed to watch it without the Man-Child here. It’s more his thing than mine but I’m likely to stick with it unlike him.  I’ll watch anything once and if I like it, then I shall boxset binge if it is possible.  If not then I wait impatiently for the next episode.  I’m a film person as well, even though I have not been to the cinema for 2 years.  Hopefully that will change in the New Year but that’ll probably be trashed as well.

I tend to ramble a lot so will probably fill space with lots or meaningless words, or get side-tracked into a debate about Wellies before getting back to original subject.  Well, I can’t give too much away otherwise I’ll never have anything to talk about!!

Thanks for reading!!