Toddler Tantrum Tuesday!!

Play-doh play session!!! I'm gonna smell a bit... Doughy at the end of this!! #playdoh #son #theboy
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You would have thought it was the adult being the toddler in my house today!! I finally had enough of our grumpy neighbour interfering with the outside of our house. Fair enough, we rent, but it’s still our home. I stormed outside and started having a complete moan at her, saying that the guttering is blocked because of her feeding seagulls which nest up there.  She didn’t like that, and also didn’t like the fact that our landlord is already in the process of sorting the problem out.. I didn’t wait for her reply and slammed the front door… I probably should have waited for a reply but I’m a very stubborn, hot-headed person. Once I get going, I don’t tend to stop and then I do things I end up regretting.  Me closing, sorry slamming, the door was an improvement on somethings. Stroppy tantrum from Mummy today, not my 2-year-old!!  I only regret he was stood in the doorway listening to me.. I’m glad he doesn’t really understand what I said.  And how I said it.  he must have sensed I was stressed though as he came and hugged my leg like he does when he’s sorry.  I had to explain to him it wasn’t his fault Mummy was mad and he was happy with that, I think anyway because he laughed at me.

So, after my extreme uncalled for outburst, we had fun indoors out of the wind.  We played with play-doh, which ended in me hunting through Pinterest and other blogs looking for activities for him.  I’ve got a list now and plan on trying something new everyday with him. And I’m being naughty and got out 3 of his Christmas Book Advent* books ready to read a bedtime. Daddy will never find out hopefully as I plan on replacing them tomorrow with some Christmassy ones.  If I’m allowed to go into a bookshop anyway!!

Todays been a stupid sort of day.  I’ve been trying to rearrange the days I pay bills and everything as my pay-day has changed to irregular days.  I got in touch with 5 companies, and only 1 blooming one of them would do it the way I would like.  I got informed through my work that all companies will offer a 4 weekly system instead of Calendar-Month basis.  How effing wrong were they?!?!?! I’m fuming about it as it means I now have to call every damn company every month to pay my bills! WHAT A WASTE OF SODDING TIME!!! I have direct debits so I don’t have to do that, but now I have to because they don’t offer a time-frame that suits 90% of UK Workers!! Stupid companies!!!! Surely it’s better to have a 4 weekly system in place for people who get paid 4 weekly so they get more money in the long run!?! Nope, apparently not…. So, it’s back on the phone to try again tomorrow, half of the people I spoke to today didn’t have a sodding clue as to what I was saying.  Where do they get these people from?!?!

I’ve noticed that I am using this blog more as a journal, or somewhere that I can get thoughts down without people ignoring me.  I know nobody really wants to hear it all and doesn’t read it but it feels good to get things down and not having to burden, no bore, Danny.  The Boy doesn’t really care yet, he’s more interested in where his food comes from, when he can become a zombie in front of the TV and when it’s sleep time.  Oh, and when he can play with his bucket full of cars. I like knowing that someone, somewhere out there could read this and relate to it all and leaves me a message or something.  I’d like that, for people to comment when they agree or have a suggestion for me.  Or any tips would be good??

Well, I’ll leave it there and find something more interesting to ramble on about next time!!

*Christmas Book Advent is where he will get a new book every day for December up until Christmas Eve.  It’s something he loves, and he’ll not have much chocolate in the process!!