I feel sort of overwhelmed.  After just starting my Bookcase page, I realise I’ve got a bit of a problem.  Maybe 2016 should be all about reading the books I’ve already got and a few ARCs thrown in for something new? I think I’ll be a while reading this lot!!! Does anyone else also purposely look through the freebie books for ereaders? I’ve found some great reads which were free, so there’s bound to be a few on my list!!!

There’s a handful of books I’ve read on the list, and its not even the full list! I’ve got hundreds of books spread over 2 Kindles so I wouldn’t even know what I’ve read and what I haven’t! Unless I looked at each individual blurb! That would take some patience which I don’t seem to have at the moment!!

And not even forgetting that I tend to visit the library a couple of times a month!!! How am I going to manage with it all???

How many books do you have read/unread on your shelves?


I’ve decided that I’m better off reading a fair chunk of what I’ve got before buying anymore!! I’ll still be including a few ARCs though to throw in some new books!!